The Law of Attraction : A Figment of Imagination or Truth?

Law of attraction is the latest buzz in the media these days. Every person seems to be influenced by the hype created around this law. Do you want to know the truth behind the Law of Attraction? Listed below are 3 facts about Law of Attraction.

1. It’s not a potion.

You may be under the impression that law of attraction can fix things overnight or instantly. This is nothing but a misconception. It is not a magic mantra. The law of attraction can definitely bring about a drastic change in your life, but it is you who will drive this change. You will have to initiate many changes to your lifestyle in order to attract things you desire.

2. It’s been there right from the beginning.

There are chances that you have become aware about the law of attraction recently. But that doesn’t change facts. Gravitational force was always present and working on us though we were not aware of it. Likewise, the law of attraction has been active in each individual’s life. Examine your life and you will find that you have attracted things similar to your personality and attitude. So it is in your hands to make the law of attraction give positive results to you.

3. You and only you can bring a change.

The basic rule about the law of attraction is that you can make it work for yourself. It is only you who can change the kind of things that enter you life. What you need is to change and tune your lifestyle. Sometimes this tuning can be fine tuning – making small adjustments or may be even major changes. But it is for sure that the more you change the more you attract a variety of things into your life.

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