Law of Attraction: Five Secret “P's” of Success

The law of attraction is indeed very powerful. It equips every human being with tremendous power to create wealth and achieve an unimaginable level of financial prowess not even depicted in the movie “The Secret”. The movie has become widely popular. To add to this there have been published a number of related books, CD’s and whole lot of merchandise are being endorsed by personalities. Yet this law has not reached its peak as of now.

I chanced upon the 5 Ps to success while researching for some related issue. No author was mentioned, but it was so relevant that I decided to spread the message. The 5 Ps mentioned were:

1. Procrastination
2. Persistence
3. Passion
4. Proactive
5. Perspiration.

1. Procrastination

It is human to put things for tomorrow. But it is a very painful and prolong way to attain your goals. And if you observe you always tend to procrastinate those things which are mundane and not at all interesting, but need to be completed. These tasks take more time and if we do them, we can reach our goals sooner. Hence complete these tasks on time.

2. Persistence

I am sure you must have seen people give up pursuing their goals before they realize them. We always hope that we do not become so. I was in the franchising business once. We wanted to franchise our business and one of the first things the consultant advised was never to quit. If you have a goal and it is worth pursuing, go after it and rest only after you have attained it. Persistence is putting efforts to achieve the goal after the initial zeal has waned out. We all feel full of zeal and motivation when we begin a task, but that wanes out gradually. It is after losing this zeal that truly determines how determined and persistent we are to achieve our goals. It is the line that distinguishes the successful from the failures.

3. Passion

Have you known someone who is very passionate? This kind of people have an infectious zeal and passion for their work, people and are very happy with themselves. You have to be passionate about what you are trying to achieve. Passion is the reason for a person pursing a dream. Unless you have this you will never be able to achieve anything. This is the most important fuel that you put into your journey to achieve success.

4. Proactive

Proactiveness is very closely related to procrastination. A lot of people I meet daily are not happy with their jobs, timings, income etc.everyone has something about which they are not happy. These people are stuck with the kind of thinking they possess. I have seen people use these Ps effectively and come out in life brimming with success. To be proactive it means you have to find a way to fulfill your desires no matter how bad a situation you are in. you will have to find a way that will bear you good results.

5. Perspiration

There are a number of programs promising to make you rich and wealthy overnight. These are nothing but marketing gimmicks. Even winning a lottery is a big gamble. 1 in 55,000,000 win a lottery. So it is in your hands to work for your goal or wait for it to happen. No one in life will give you anything for free. You have to work hard and put in efforts to gain your goals. Yes, this is bitter but you have to accept it anyways. Very often the kids of wealthy are in bad light. Because they don’t know the value of work since they haven’t had to work hard for anything. If you are ready to work and follow a proven model, no one can stop you from achieving success. If you don’t have the plan, come to us we will show you the path that you should follow. We will also help you implement and practice the 5Ps. This way you can achieve anything you have wished.

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