Law of Attraction: Use Your Own Intellect

Recently while I was browsing the internet in search of information, I read an article by Donald Trump. It was not about law of attraction, but on real estate investment. But I think you will all agree that Donald Trump life is a clear indication of how the law of attraction can be applied to business. He follows the same principles to create wealth, and many of us also do the same.

I have taken the key point that Donald mentions and that is very closely associated with the law of attraction. This is as follows:

“Follow your own path because it will bring you
to the places you were meant to be.” -
(Donald J. Trump)

Problems arise when people don’t use their own brains. The truth is that humankind plunged to its lowest point, when people didn’t think and instead followed people who had the motive to kill and destroy. This gave rise to dictators who want on to do some of the worst genocide and brutal murders of millions of innocents.

Hence take your time to know what you really desire and are willing to strive to achieve it. This will give you strength and determination and a direction for you to move in.

Look at the big picture as what you really want in life to be. Once you know this, get onto to strive to achieve it.

It will take you time to know the purpose of your life. Each one of us has different priorities in life and hence it is not possible to realize what we really want soon. Hence always keep in mind that you have to explore and discover and move forward in achieving what your really want. This is what will make your life successful.

I stress the point again that no one else can think for you, you have to plan out your life yourself. You have to consider every sphere of your life what you want to do. And for each sphere you have to weigh the positive and the negative factors and accordingly take the right decision. You have to consider the impact your decision makes on other people directly or indirectly. Examine if you can implement the decision you have taken and if you feel you cant stick to them revise them to something that you can implement. Seek help and there is no harm or shame if you have to tweek your decisions. Compromise is a part and parcel of everyone’s life.

There will be times where your decision might seem heavy to you, but it is only test of time that you have to pass through. You just have to focus on the actions you take and control them so that the results do not affect your fellow human beings. You are a social being and its your duty to care for the people you live with. Hence you are accountable and responsible for each person of the community you live in.

The law of attraction basically aims that we strive for ourselves and soon we will be reaping results beyond expectation.

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