Secret Of Attraction: The Truth About It

The secret of attraction- which almost certainly has become the most talked about and one of hottest new ideas in the area of self improvement and spirituality. But do you really think this is a new idea, it is just some old wine in a new bottle. But regardless of its timeline, the main query is whether it really works and why?

Does the Law Of Attraction actually exist?

The fundamental idea is you would attract things that you ponder about. So if you want more money in your life, keep continuously thinking about getting rich. The perfect woman will come to you if you persistently visualize her. This is how the idea was put forward. Now if you go back a couple of decades or more, you would find out that this was a part of universal goal-setting technique, where besides the idea itself, there would have to be certain related actions to attain your goals. But what you see in the newer version is that the action part is almost forgotten and nonexistent.

Obviously anybody would like the easy way to do things and to get what they want and would love simple ‘Laws’ that would help. All our great information on the laws of nature and mathematics has given us the ability to reach the moon of all places. Thus it wouldn’t be half bad for us to find foolproof "laws" of self improvement and success, something that would give us everything that we want. But regrettably and truthfully "laws" like these are more of probabilities and anything else.

Do you think the "the probability of attraction?" would make you feel better than ‘the law of attraction. Didn’t think so! "Increase your odds of obtaining what you want by thinking these thoughts” just doesn't have the same impact as "Obtain guaranteed success by the ultimate laws of reality by just thinking these thoughts." But forget about what’s not true and start looking at really works.

Reticular Cortex- The Secret Of Attraction?

Now what is the Reticular Cortex? Well in physical terms it is a small organ in your brain, and in psychological terms it is a "gatekeeper" that controls the arriving stimulus and directs to either your conscious or unconscious mind. You coach with your thinking and what you focus on, on what to bring to your notice. Like for example, you will automatically start noticing flowers all over the place, the ones that you didn’t notice earlier, when you start thinking about them. So you inform your reticular cortex to allow all information about flowers.

If your thoughts are directed towards money, then the reticular cortex and you will become more aware about things linked to money and also occasions for you to make some. Think about meeting your dream woman and you will perhaps become attentive of prospect for this to happen. This is the basis functioning of our brain, and we can make use of these "attraction techniques" to obtain what we want.

Now remember, this is not a fact and it doesn’t have a 100% success rate. Now stop believing that such "secrets" will always work and stop blaming yourself when it doesn’t. Both of these approaches will not get you far. So the best thing to do is to accept the probability of success and keep trying to improve your prospects of success, and you will taste success.

Keep your goals in mind and start working your reticular cortex because this will increase your probabilities of success. But you will also have to put in action behind this thinking to get what you want. Your mind along with your actions in the same direction would lead you to your goal and is the real secret of attraction.

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