Self Talk: Powerful Tool to Attract Prosperity

One of the ways to become more prosperous in life is by carefully selecting what you say to yourself. Self talk has tremendous power, of which only a few of us are really aware!

If you keep on thinking and telling yourself that you are poor, nothing right will ever happen to you, you obviously will attract the same more into your life.

The truth is what we believe in is what we end up with.

Recently, while I was engaged in doing some errands, I saw a car with a license plate saying,” I’m broke”. I was shocked to see that and wondered why would any person put such a negative hoarding?

What the license plate says may not be true. But unless and until someone really believed in it, I don’t think he or she would put such a label.

It is my sure guess that this driver may be constantly facing some financial crunch. Although she may not broke, she cant go beyond a certain level of being rich. Even is she does so, some or the other expense comes up and she is again back to the crunch. So she is back to square one.

She could also be kidding – her own way by declaring being broke. But beneath this idea also there could be what I call a grain of belief.

What we say to ourselves on a regular believes forms our beliefs. And it is this reality that becomes an actual realization.

Realize this. You may be saying something negative about yourself in a light hearted manner. But understand that unless there was some deep rooted negative belief in yourself, you would never have said that. It is these kind of beliefs that will prevent you from achieving greater things in life.

If you want to stop this trend and attract better things into your life, be aware of what you think and say to yourself. Only say those things which you really want to become a reality. Don’t even joke about things you don’t want to experience.

There are a lot of things you could probably joke about. This could be joking about how great you are, how beautiful your life is, instead of kidding about your poor financial situation or career or any other aspect.

Laugh about positive things and you will be planting the seeds of prosperity even this way.

Frame your message accurately land, show it just like the license plate and you will surely see better things coming into your life.

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