Three Causes for Why Do You End Up Attracting Things you Don’t Wish

How many times have you faced a situation which you hoped you would never have to? I understand how frustrating it is to land up in such a situation. I believe there are causes for those things happening to us. Ever wondered what they could be? I give you 3 possible causes of why you attract what you don’t want.

1. Skewed Beliefs.
What you believe in or have faith in has a lot to do with what you attract. Don’t mistake beliefs and wants. They are completely different. It is possible that you crave for things, but in your heart and mind you know you are not qualified to have it. The beliefs that you have shapes your attitude.

2. Incorrect Attitude
Your beliefs lead you to behave and act in a particular fashion. Each action or task you have performed in your life has borne a result. There is an outcome always even if you don’t act. It is these actions and your attitude that has a big hand in attracting what you want. If they are appropriate to attract what you want, you will definitely have it, else you will never have it.

3. Accepting Defeat.
Perseverance is the key if you want to attract something. You can never attract what you want if you accept defeat before you get it. Achieving or getting something is certainly not easy, but accepting defeat is not the solution. You have to pursue it until you achieve your goal. There are a lot of sources from whom you could seek help. It could be a person who can be your coach or teacher or an accountability partner. On the other hand, it could be an arrangement of objects which will keep up your inspiration to continue working towards your goal.

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