Universal Law of Attraction Unveiled

The Universal Law of Attraction states that whatever we choose to focus our attention on, gets attracted into our life, irrespective of whether we seek it or not.

The law is universal because it is applicable to all. No matter where you live, what gender you belong to, what religion you follow this Law is applicable for all. The Law of Gravity is applicable to all and so is The Law of Attraction.

Most of us are conditioned to react in a particular fashion to things. This becomes the default behavior. On a daily basis, we pay attention to only issues which we feel are not correct or with which we are not comfortable. This has become a routine for many of us. We do not realize that this habit has resulted in we creating more problems – the things which we feel are not good and are not right.

All of us are aware of how a magnet works. You turn the magnet towards a metal and the metal gets attracted. We as human beings are also similar to magnets. Simply focus your attention on something and you are surely to attract it into your life. We are always attraction something or other, except when we are asleep. If you are thinking about scarcity, you will end up being more scarce on resources. Think of what you love and you will have more of love in your life. I know I must sounding a mad man to you, but whatever I have said above is true.

God has given us many powers. One such very powerful aspect is the power to attract. We can use this to our advantage. We just need to place our thoughts and desires and you will surely attract it into your life. The more you focus, the higher the chances of you attracting similar things into your life.
“As a man thinks in his hear, so is he”. This is an old adage ( 23 :7).

Notice that the proverb mentions thinking in his heart. Most of us feel that all thinking takes place in our brains. But it is a fact that all are thoughts, beliefs, faith – in short “vibrations” originate in our hearts.

All things that get attracted is due to our heart. Think of your heart as a very powerful magnet. It is the one that sends vibrations all around.

Do you know how the radio functions? To listen to a particular channel you tune in to that channel’s frequency. No sooner the frequencies match than we can hear the channel.

The above principle can be easily applied in our life. If you desire to do away with something, simply change your frequency – move away from it to something that you like and desire.

Attracting what you want is an art. It can be mastered in 3 simple steps :

1. Be very clear about what you desire.
2. Tune in your vibration to the required level.
3. Opening up to what you want to come to you.

Life certainly offers us a lot of “contrasts”. These contrasts can indeed be used to know what we really want. Observe these contradictions for a short while and you will gain a clarity as to what you desire. This takes some patience and time, because all of have cultivated a habit to talk, tell and focus on what we do not desire.

The third step is the toughest. We have built up strange notions over a period of time. The situation has become such that though we no longer acknowledge them, yet they are active and cancel out what I really desire.

The trick is to free oneself of all the notions. Develop a belief that since you want things they will surely come to you sooner or later.

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