Why Law of Attraction Fails: 5 Reasons

The Secret has become a rage these days. Everybody is talking about it. Are you too?

Law of attraction has been here for thousands of years and has been discussed for quite some time now.

In brief, the law of attraction says that it is you who decides what kind of life you will lead. What you focus on becomes a reality. If you accept this, you will never criticize people or any other external factor for the kind of life you are leading. Hence you can create your life in any manner. The sky is the limit.

To practice the law of attraction you must have the vision as to what you really and want and be passionate about it. Most people lack the intention to fulfill what they desire to do.

For example, you want to be rich, have a lovely relationship and a magnificent career. You are excited and you want to see results fats. But nothing happens in the beginning. This is because the intensity of your intention is not strong enough. Once you have this, you can attract what you want.

Some intentions take much longer to manifest. Some of the reasons could be:

1. If you lose focus you lose it all. You have to put energy if you want to create something. In the movie it has been repeated that you have the power to create. In other words, the more you think about a concept the more you realize it. Whatever you focus on expands. The manifestation will also be as strong as your intention is. Act on what you want. Otherwise only intention will do you no good.

2. intentions alone are not the key. You have to be passionate about them. We mostly focus on what others desire and don’t pay heed to what we want. Passion is what adds the X factor to the concept you want to create. If you are not passionate or excited about you goals, you probably are wrong about wanting them.

3. Make your intentions very clear. The clarity should be to the highest level possible. For example, one of my friends wanted a loving partner. She wrote all qualities she wanted in her partner. She had him only thing he turned to be gay. She forgot to specify this in her notes. Hence let not your intentions be unclear. If you want to be rich, write down how much you want to earn and by when. This will give you a greater focus.

4. You accidentally cancel your intention. How might you do that? By having conflicting beliefs! Ok - how many times have I talked about this, right? If your intent is to attract wealth and you hold beliefs like, “I don’t deserve to have money, I’m not good enough/smart enough, I’ll always have money problems, then you’ll be short-circuiting the power of your thoughts by neutralizing your creating energy. That’s like putting a dam in the middle of a flowing stream. That’s why I continue to advocate the critical value of self-awareness work - getting to know who you really are. The good news is that once you identify conflicting beliefs you can transform them with the right tools.

5. You may even sabotage your relationship. Any negative emotion like fear, anger, jealousy etc will neutralize your intentions. If you notice these qualities, nip them in the bud. Shift focus. Try to remember all the good things that you have received till now. Be thankful to whatever you have received. Be very choosy as to what you tell others. People’s negativity might also affect your.

Hence when you wake up, imagine about things you want to create that day.

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