Why Law of Attraction May Not Work For You

Law of Attraction is immensely powerful. It means that whatever we think about will become a reality. The best way to know about is to watch the movie “The Secret”, which tells you a whole lot about this law and tells you how you can create your life experiences.

Yes, what you think about becomes reality. According to one of the characters in the movie, thoughts manifest in the form of things. The movie is a great source to know about and practice realizing one’s dreams and desires. One know how to achieve goals. These could be small goals and even bigger things you want to accomplish.

The movie mostly focuses on things that are material. Not much is spoken about the spiritual things that we can really experience. It is provoked a bigger question: why doesn’t every thought become a thing? If we are in a universe wherein the law of attraction is existent, if not dominant, then every thought should manifest. This manifestation occurs but not immediately and this has been explained well in the movie, The Secret.

Yes, thoughts that are emotionally charged will be realized if you repeat them enough number of times. But there are reasons for these thoughts not manifesting into reality. These are:

1) We are on this planet to learn through life lessons, and as part of our life lessons, not all of the things we desire are in the realm of possibility for us in this life time at a given time. As an example, if you are here to learn patience, and you desire manifestation to occur at a rapid rate, then you are butting up against your own life path;

2) Your subconscious may be in conflict with your conscious desires. Perhaps you have a fear of failure or a fear of success or an issue with deserving more that conflicts directly with you conscious ability to manifest; and

3) There is a superior force that exists in this universe. You may call it God or Universe or Almighty. But this could be against your goals and hence you may not be able to realize them.

On the other hand, it is good that not all thoughts became realities. I have had emotional thoughts in the past which were very negative and had they become reality it would have been a difficult situation for me. But things turned out far better. This is why I say there are superior forces existent on the earth which will have a strong influence on whether you will realize things that you think about.

If you believe that you can realize all your thoughts it is nothing, but being foolish. It is good to think positive, but not good to think only about yourself. You are not the only one in this world who needs stuff in their lives. Law of attraction is often used for realizing materialistic things, whereas it is actually made to take the thought process of a person to a far more higher level than physical and materialistic.

Learn as and when possible. This could be painful but is a necessity. When you don’t get things you desire, you often are provided with other things. These if you examine are much better than what you wanted. These are things like strength, faith in God, help and inner peace. You cannot have a price tag for any of this and cannot buy them in any store.

Hence don’t form an opinion on someone else’s experience. At the same time don’t be too tough on yourself. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get things you want. There are things better that the universe if readying to provide to you soon. It will take you to a completely new level.

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