Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

Do you know the reason for believing the things you do? It is because you are the one who tells your brain to do so. Your brain trusts you immensely and hence takes everything that you say to be true. This is how the subconscious mind works. It cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. The conscious mind is responsible for differentiating them both.

If you believe something is true, it is because you have repeated it to yourself a number of times. This way you convince yourself of things that are false to be true. You do not do this intentionally though. All the information gets stored in your subconscious mind even if false. Once it happens, everything that happens in your life will strengthen your belief. You get the proof of what you believe in. hence your are the one who has created this reality for yourself. So what does it mean? Let is see below.

Let me give you an example. You may believe that you do are not capable of succeeding and realizing your dreams. If this is what you truly are convinced about, you will never be inspired to change your belief. You will turn a blind eye to the opportunities that fetch you success. Even if you once take an opportunity, and hit a roadblock and fail to move ahead, your belief gets strengthened. You will think that you never had it in you, hence could not succeed. Hence this belief gets even more strongly embedded into your mind.

Every time you have a thought you emit energy into the universe. You have a positive thought and this emits positive energy, but then your old doubts crop up and neutralize the positive energy. The universe then doesn’t act on the positive thought you have just transmitted. So you have no chances of succeeding. So the negative belief again wins and then you never proceed in your life. You also reinforce the belief that you can never succeed in your life.

If you want to succeed in your life, you should examine the beliefs that you currently hold. These beliefs could be about anything love, profession, religion etc. you have to examine it practically to prove or disprove them. You have to boldly examine all the negative beliefs and arrive on the root cause of why you believe in them. Once you know the reasons, you can work to change those beliefs. Positive affirmations will help you a lot in this regard. Soon you will start to reap the results of using these affirmations to change your belief system. You will replace each and every negative belief that you have held and that has prevented you from progressing in life.

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