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Subliminal Advertising Works

Most of us know about subliminal messaging programs that are being widly used for self-improvement, such as Subliminal Flash or Subliminal Images. Such programs help you improve your health, stop smoking, get rich and attract the opposite sex.

But today our topic is not related to personal development. Let's talk about subliminal advertising.

Subliminal advertising involves the use of messages sent to the subconscious in order to convince people about a particular product or service from the inner depths of their minds.

Use Affirmations to Lose Weight

It might amaze you but it is not food nor the exercise you do that determines your weigh loss, it is your attitude that determines how much you lose.

Software That Imprints Afirmations Into Your Subconscious Mind

There is cut throat competition in every arena in society today. You have to keep yourself updated if you want to advance in you career or your social status.

Affirmations : Are They Effective?

Affirmations can bring you success and sometimes make things happen for you which you thought very only possible through a miracle. This is not a whim or a figment of my imagination.

Subliminal Messages, Body Language and Anxiety

Our conscious mind is not capable of registering the expressions and emotions that people display for a short of period of time, but our subconscious mind does take notice of them.

The Flip Side of Affirmations

Are you aware what problems these affirmations can create?

Failure of Affirmations : The Analysis and Solution

Many people use affirmations but are not satisfied with the results and so give up using them. The main cause of why affirmations fail is due to our inability to be alert and receive them.

Know Why Affirmations Fail and Frame Your Affirmations Correct

Affirmations are used by many people to improve in the desired areas. But many do find that they haven’t improved significantly in spite of using affirmations.

Tips for Creating Affirmations

1) Affirmations should be short. Just like a seed is small and you water them to grow it into a plan, affirmations to begin with should be short.

21 Days Affirmation Program

Affirmations, when used regularly, can transform your life drastically. Why is that only few of us ever practice them?

Positive Affirmation : Start Right Away!

Let me tell you all about positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmation and Optimism : Mantra to Achieve Your Goals

Each one of us has some professional and personal goals to achieve in one’s life. An optimistic approach and positive affirmations can help you achieve them easily.

Affirmations : Air Them As Often as Possible in Your Brain

It is known that affirmations do work. Time has come to move up the value chain. Company spare no stone unturned and have big budgets to popularize their products.

Simple Technique to Use Subliminal Messages

They were banned by the US Government in 1974. So powerful was their power that they helped boost the sale of popcorn by a whooping 60%. Today, they are shown to people by means of “mind” shows like that of Derren Brown.

Yes, this is what I am referring to: subliminal messages.

Though the use of subliminal messages has been focused on advertisers who manipulate the consumers to buy more, they can be used to make long lasting and often dangerous impressions on our minds and lives.

Good IQ Score: Misconceptions and Truths

You must have come across people who claim to have scored high in IQ tests. They flaunt their certificates to all. Usually it is believed that person is intelligent if his IQ score is high.

Sharpen Your Brain

The training to your brain need not be as rigorous as physical workout. “No pain, no gain” is not applicable in this case. If you want to reach a destination you always have two options.

Tapping the Unrealized Potential of Your Brain

IQ test is a term most of us are aware of. Intelligence quotient is the potential of our brain. Two theories exist for researching the brain. One unitary and the other is multiple theory. The IQ tests use these theories to test the brain.

Unitary theory focuses on specific parts or brain. These are the parts where our language and calculating or mathematical abilities exist. The multiply theory, on the other hand involves all vital parts which employ visual, musical, kinesthetic and inter/intra personal development skills.
There are only 3 ways to enhance your IQ.

Relevance of High IQ

What is high IQ? Is it better performance in school? Is it a good standard of life? Let examine if IQ is a relevant means to gauge one’s intellect or not.

Who Is Your Puppet Master?

People who have read the various 'self help' books and similar subject book will be aware of the power called the 'subconscious mind' and how it controls all the thing that we do and experience.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Workout to Build the Neural Network

Subliminal Seduction: Ways to Use it For Your Benefit

Seduction is a very strong technique that can be used to make somebody do your bidding, regardless of how you look at it. Men and women both make use of this power. The main aim is to be able to use this gift in any situation that you want and thus master this art.

Subliminal Messaging in the Ad-World

The April 2006 issue of the magazine New Scientist says that research has shown results in favor of subliminal messages in advertisements. The results have shown that if circumstances are appropriate, subliminal advertising designed to popularize a brand can be successful.

Experiments conducted earlier were ignored. But in a recent development, scientists discovered that nearly 80 per cent of people who were subjected to subliminal advertising messages bought that product while only 20 per cent of controls did the same. These indeed are very dangerous trends.

Unusual Ways to Solve Problems

There are many ways you can solve problems. Below are some problem solving techniques, for all kinds of things like dealing with personal issues to creating new business ideas.

Subliminal Videos: Are they Real?

There exists no concrete proof till now to demonstrate that subliminal videos function. But what all the theorists have proposed is that these subliminal messages go around the conscious mind and connect to our subconscious.

It does sound bizarre. Lets see and try to gather more information on subliminal messages.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Your brain activities may improve if you indulge in regular physical exercise.

Well, exercise helps to keep you mind in shapes along with your body...

Increase Your IQ: Act Now

If you want to improve your IQ for an important meeting that is scheduled in the near future or anything important you can certainly do so. Try the following methods:

Breathing Exercises

Easy Way to Success : Subliminal Messaging

We all would definitely want to improve ourselves in every aspect. Be it being more confident, attractive , rich any improvement is always welcome. But how difficult is it to improve? Is it possible without any effort on our part?

Subliminal Messages and Affirmations: Are they Effective?

The primary focus of this article will be if subliminal messages are really fruitful. It shall also address if advertisements do convey any hidden subliminal messages. Lets also see if it can work for you and if you can make some of these messages yourself.
I am sure, you will love this.

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