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Simple Techniques to Improve IQ

Writing helps you in a lot of ways. It keeps your memory activated, so that it can recall things in the future. Also you can be very clear in your thoughts. You also hone your analytical and creative skills while writing. Some ways to enhance your memory power are maintaining diaries, writing poetry, essays, stories etc.

Brain exercises.

How to Score Above Average in an IQ Test? 3 Simple Steps

Chances are the most people will have an average IQ score. Very few people will have an above average IQ score. For instance if you are currently at 70, it would be difficult to cross the 100 mark. But the fact remains that, no matter where you start at you can definitely improve. Below are three ways to do so:

Handling Stress using Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are becoming very popular these days. All classes in the society, from celebrities, athletes to the common people are using subliminal messages. The subliminal messages cannot be processed by your conscious mind, but they are easily picked by your unconscious mind. This stimulates a part of brain and it understands and acts upon the information received in the subliminal message.

To handle stress, you can, on your own, create a subliminal message. The steps are as follows :

Subliminal Messages: Your Way to Success

In 1974, the US government has banned the usage of subliminal messages over television and radio. It was apparently reported that the ban was implemented because subliminal messages empowered individuals and organizations immensely and gave them too much advantage.

All about Subliminal Influence

The term subliminal is outdated, yet very much in use today. The issue here is that the term is even today related to the sensory limit, which has been made absolutely irrelevant by the theory of signal detection in the field of psychology.

The Law of Attraction : the Simplest and Strongest in the Universe

Each individual has a lot of untapped potential in himself.

The Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to experience things which make us happy. Each one of us has a lot of wants and wishes which have remained unfulfilled. But it is our desires that bring unhappiness to our life.

Want To Earn? The Law of Attraction is the Easiest Way!

The Law of Attraction is not a fictitious concept. Many people are ignoring this great law under the impression that its become a fad to talk about it.

Law of Attraction and Your Beliefs

A very common misconception among people about the law of attraction is about their beliefs. Not many realize how strong and crucial beliefs can be for an individual.

The Process of Deliberate Attraction

Below are some simple steps that will help you clarify what your real "wants" are. Further, it will help you in dealing with any doubts you have and help you overcome the Inner Critic.

Law of Attraction : The Universal Law

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear attract? It is really great when you are able to attract what you like into your life. This is not a dream, it is very much possible to do so. Universal Law of Attraction is as active as the law of Gravity. You just have to become aware and learn a few basic rules about it.

The Law of Attraction has been expressed in various manners. It is beyond doubt that the law of attraction has been active all through. You must have definitely come across following alternate ways of expressing this law:

The Law of Attraction: Discover its Power

The law of attraction is an immensely powerful law which can drive drastic changes in everybody’s life. The law of attraction has been active all through in your life. What you have to do now is become aware of it and learn how to leverage it for you won benefit. The 3 things the law of attraction does for you are:

1. Draws things similar to who you are.

The Magnetic Power Of Your Mind

Our mind is immensely powerful. Just like a magnet attracts some and repels some objects, our minds too have similar characteristic. You can confirm this by examining the people around you. They pass through some common and some dissimilar circumstances and events. Some of these events or tasks can be completed by some of them easily and some find it extremely tough to accomplish those tasks.

The Law of Attraction : A Figment of Imagination or Truth?

Law of attraction is the latest buzz in the media these days. Every person seems to be influenced by the hype created around this law. Do you want to know the truth behind the Law of Attraction? Listed below are 3 facts about Law of Attraction.

1. It’s not a potion.

The Mechanism of Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction can truly bring a dramatic change in your life. To do this you should know the mechanism and use it to your advantage. You certainly must be knowing a lot of people who seem to have great things in their lives. Ever wondered why it happens to them. Don’t worry its not very tough to figure it out. I give you the tricks on how you can make the law of attraction work for yourself.

1. Be Optimistic

The Time Has Come

I am sure you must be pretty anxious about the hullabaloo about the movie “ The Secret”. It could be that the time has come for you to know more about the Law of Attraction (LOA). Believe me , it can drastically change your life. It is only your destiny that has brought you her. So open up your heart and mind and absorb the message that the Universe has brought for you.

Yes, this is the right time. Today, we live in an age where we are unearthing the true power of human mind. Perhaps, we should also focus on what life has to tell us about where to pay attention.

Drills For your Brain

There are a whole lot of array of exercises that you can indulge in to sharpen your brain. It can be as simple as reading something new or more complex like solving a crossword puzzle or later thinking riddles. Below I give some ideas about some generic exercises for the brain which can be practiced anywhere. Later, I recommend some for enhancing specific functionality of the brain.

Easy Exercises for your Brain

Belief and Attraction Are Deeply Linked

The beliefs that you have inculcated in your mind till now play a very important role in what you attract into your life. Surprised on hearing this? I am sure you must have come across people who ponder why some things happen to them only. If you analyze a bit you will realize that their beliefs made those things happen. So examine your own beliefs. Who knows, they might be the reason you not achieving things you wish.

Universal Law of Attraction Unveiled

The Universal Law of Attraction states that whatever we choose to focus our attention on, gets attracted into our life, irrespective of whether we seek it or not.

The law is universal because it is applicable to all. No matter where you live, what gender you belong to, what religion you follow this Law is applicable for all. The Law of Gravity is applicable to all and so is The Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction – No Exceptions Allowed Here!

The law of attraction is being talked about a lot lately and chances are that you have implemented some of the rules you learnt. But you may not be satisfied with the results. You may even be thinking if the law is true or just a fictitious concept. Is the law of attraction applicable to you?

Change Your Life: The Mantra to Attract What You Want


Are you happy with your current lifestyle and things that happen to you? Chances are that you are not. A lot of us do feel this at some or the other in their lives. This is primarily due to kind of life we lead and the kind of personality we have built. Like things attract like- this is a basic rule of the law of attraction. So in order to attract things you have to adapt. Listed below are few tips to attract things you want.

1. Modify habits and routine.

Enhancing Your Intelligence: 4 More Tips.

1. We often prefer people who think similar to us. I believe developing friendship with people who think differently is a great idea. Talking to these people can really help change some of the beliefs that you hold. Have a variety of people like artists, doctors, construction workers as friends in your life.

How To Enhance your Intelligence : 5 Tips

Brain is very similar to a muscle. Like muscles, brain also needs the right kind of exercise and nutrition. The more you use your brain in the right direction, the more you will enhance your ability to focus and think sharply. On the contrary, if you feed your brain the wrong chemicals you will harm its functioning and your thinking capabilities.
Listed below are 5 easy techniques to extract a little more of creativity from your gray cells.

The Law of Attraction Mechanism : How it Works

Each of us is a live magnet. The people, circumstances that come into our lives are always very similar to the thoughts that are very prominent in our minds.

All the success in our life, be it in the professional or personal arena is governed by this law. The law of attraction is know to human beings since a long time. Egyptian mystery schools wrote about it around 3000 years before Christ. Every thing that you do, speak is because of this law. It is omnipresent.

What it Takes For the Law of Attraction to Bear Result?

I am sure you must have definitely heard people getting frustrated when things don’t work for them. Many people land up wondering when the law of attraction will start bearing positive results for them.

A person who truly knows and understands what the law of attraction is all about will surely know why these people don’t attract things they want. Ever wondered how much time it takes for the law of attraction to bear results for you?

How can all benefit from the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is being talked about a lot in TV and among people. Many people seem to have benefited in a big way due of law of attraction bearing fruits for them.

Become Before You Achieve: The Rule of Attraction

It is very common for people to say that they will undertake activities or perform tasks if some specific condition is fulfilled.

The Law of Attraction: Basics

The law of attraction is the latest buzz these days. There is a lot being said and discussed about the law of attraction which could make things complicated. Any law follows rules.

Three Causes for Why Do You End Up Attracting Things you Don’t Wish

How many times have you faced a situation which you hoped you would never have to? I understand how frustrating it is to land up in such a situation. I believe there are causes for those things happening to us. Ever wondered what they could be? I give you 3 possible causes of why you attract what you don’t want.

1. Skewed Beliefs.

Why and How Does Subliminal Persuasion Work

Most people have an intuitive concept of perception that is compelling and simple . They assume that waves from the environment trigger our sensory organs, and these then just produces images in the brain. Objects exist in reality, and we see them. We then feel, act and think based on our perceptions.

If nature were like this view, there would be no subliminal perception, people would either perceive an object or they wouldn't perceive it.

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