10 Steps to Boost Your Self Esteem

You can definitely boost your self esteem. You can have confidence on your capabilities. Below are some simple steps to help you build a strong and growing self esteem.

1. Know what you are telling yourself. Be alert to every negative thought that pops up in your mind. Investigate why it came up.

2. Remember what God says in the bible. You are His beloved child, the apple of his eye and he will never cease loving you. Hence to honor this try not to lie as much as you can.

3. Replace the lies you have believed with what God says. Try telling yourself that you are worthy and deserving. Remind yourself that God will always love you no matter what you do.

4. Start being gentle towards yourself. Take care of your body and look after yourself well. Be kind and be the best company for yourself.

5. Find time to look and enjoy the beautiful things in the world. When it is right say no to people. You don’t have to do everything you are asked too. You have you own life and this you should never compromise your life at any cost.

6. Be content with what you are. It is enough to improve, but don’t be obsessed with being a perfectionist.

7. Stop worrying and try to remember good things like God’s unconditional love. No one can stand worry and stress for a long time.

8. Have people who will stand up for you. Have friends who will never pull you back and will always be there for you when you are passing through difficult times.

9. Identify your positive qualities and be grateful to God for having endowed you with the same.

10. Be thankful always and be prepared to give your best in every condition. Always feed your mind with positive thoughts so as to motivate it to give in the best. Always believe in love and faith.

Find some time each day and work on these tips. Start today!
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