3 Ways to Boost Self Esteem for a Woman

Self esteem is a huge issue, especially if you are a woman. A woman is influenced by many social rules, perceptions, impressions etc. It is a big hassle for a woman to live bearing all these constraints. Each day takes a heavy hit on the self esteem of a woman. However, she can use the following 3 techniques to boost her self esteem.

1. Rewrite your rules
You may have linked your self esteem to the way you dress up and appear. You feel that if you don’t follow what is the latest fashion as depicted in the magazines it will make you outdated. But the problem with is fashion always changes. And it is not always possible for you to match up with the latest fashion. Hence de-link your self esteem from the way you dress up. Change to something that is linked closely to you. For instance, if you can be your true self always then it is a good way to boost up your self esteem.

2. Have the right company
Friends play a huge role in shaping up self esteem. So what kind of friends do you have? Do they help boost your self esteem when you feel low or do they make it worse? The latter kind are your enemies in disguise. If you have good people around you, you will never be low on self esteem. Hence choose your friends carefully.

3. Talk positive to yourself
All of us are continuously talking to ourselves. But most of the time we are degrading ourselves in this self talk. Self esteem originates in your mind. You beliefs will shape up how you feel. They will govern the emotions that you will experience. Hence make your self talk positive, so that your mind remains high on self esteem. You should not hesitate to try out new things and your confidence should be high. Once you talk good to yourself, a lot of things that you never wished to occur in your life will vanish.

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