7 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence Today

1. Examine how bad things could go. Very often, we ascribe importance to possible problems. It is better to focus whatever amount of energy we have to create healthy relationships, progress in career and achieving our goals. Its not use worrying and is nothing but waste of our energies. Act on factors which you have control on and minimize risk for what you cant be in control. This is a way to invest your energy in a wise manner.

2. While you attempt at anything for the very first time, feel as if you have a lot of experience in it. Imagine that you have been largely successful when you go for it for the first time. Our brain does not know how to distinguish between imagination and reality. Hence if you make you imagination vivid, you will increase your chances of succeeding.

3. Seek help from someone who has experience in the same area. Try to imbibe their attitude, behavior, values and beliefs. How to do this? Simple! Talk to them. If you don’t know any such kind of people, get exposure. Talk to those who know them and adapt the tools and strategies they use.

4. Let me tell you about the ‘as-if’ frame. It is my favorite. How would you walk, talk, move, think and view yourself if you are successful. If you answer these questions, you will automatically feel confident. You will act “AS IF” you are confident. Try this and soon you will forget that you are acting and this confidence will become a part of your personality.

5. Venture into the future and see if what you face now is really big. It might be difficult to do so in the beginning, but this trick works for sure. Imagine that you are about to die. All those whom you love are around you. So when you look back on your life, will you even remember what you face today? Mostly you won’t. Hence give things the importance they deserve.

6. If you never even attempt anything new you are losing all of the opportunities. Ask for what you want. I fully believe that if I ask enough number of people, I will get what I want. This may not be true, but is a very helpful belief. As you strive to achieve your objectives, wouldn’t it be heartening to know that there are people who will help you to be successful. Whether this is a reality or not is insignificant. What matters is the belief, which will push you forward. Hence I urge you all to adopt it.

7. Shut the negative voice from inside you. This is the voice that holds you back. Press the mute button just like you press it in a remote control of a television. Or just imagine the internal voice as being spoken by a cartoon character. You certainly wont take anything that a cartoon character says seriously. You will laugh at it and ignore it.

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