All About Self Esteem

Self esteem is very important for anyone whose goal is happy and successful life. Self esteem is the true opinion of you that you have. The better the self esteem the more the confidence you will have. It will help you a lot to achieve success in all domains in life. People with low self esteem find it difficult to face any situation in life. They feel that only bad things happen to them and their confidence plummets thereby worsening their life. Confidence and self esteem are very closely related. Self esteem is formed from experiences one, hence it is worth investing our time and effort to boost our self esteem.

What are the characteristics of people with high self esteem? They clearly know what they want to do in life and what they would like to get into. For them there is not ambiguity in any aspect of life. They don’t blame anything others and bear the responsibility for everything good or bad that happens to them. They have a very charitable attitude. Optimism bounds them and they are creative and productive always. And perhaps the most important thing about them is that they believe they deserve good things and that they are worthy being loved.

On the other hand people with low self esteem need approvals from people around them. Their academic record is not great. Their risk taking tendency also is very limited and they do not face challenges properly. They also believe in superstitions rather than being logical about solving matters. They constantly fear and rejection is dreaded by them the most. Insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, anger, frustration are very common in them. They blame others for the results they suffer. They don’t feel that they deserve love or care from others.

Self esteem is formed from the experiences one has right from the childhood. How one interprets these experiences determines the state of the self esteem on develops. People with healthy self esteem are sure to have a very healthy upbringing. Their parents talk to them respectfully, they are listened to and are praised for putting efforts irrespective of failing or succeeding. They get hugged from parents and are given lot of love and c are. They also have friends who can be trusted for anything and wont deceive them under any circumstances.

Children who grow up with a low self-esteem often have experiences that are quite the opposite . They are always blamed for having failed. Irrespective of how much efforts they put they are beaten and criticized if they are not successful. No one listens to them, they are only expected to listen. Parents become dictators. The relationship with parents too is tensed and not transparent. Low self esteem sometimes affects you psychologically as well as physiologically. Hence it is in your best interest that you should put efforts in improving your self esteem. This will in turn boost your confidence and improve your lifestyle for good.

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