Boost Your Self Confidence in a Minute- Just Change Your Posture

I am going to introduce you to a method that will take your confidence to new levels with immediate effect. I have an experience at how our physiology relates to the feeling that we go through. The body language and posture we adopt has a lot to do to the way we constantly feel throughout the day.

What would you interpret upon seeing a person who is sitting in a corner with hunched shoulders, head and eyes eyeing the ground! Obviously the person is not happy or elated, he is just feeling the opposite. This conclusion you arrived just by looking at the person’s body language. Even in the stage shows or dramas it is through the body language that the actors convey the emotions that the character is passing through. You certainly would never find a person who is tensed and sad, grinning with excitement – not even in a movie.

So lets try to improve our posture. Stand or sit straight. You back should be straight. Shoulders and head held in balance and position. Be aware at what you are looking and move your eyes in accordance so that you look above the horizon always.

The next steps are to have a great smile in your face. It should be an impressive smile, similar to those you find toothpaste advertisements often show on television. Don’t you feel confident already? I bet that if you are not, then you have not properly adopted this posture.

You are the best person to decide when such a posture will be useful for you. At best I can suggest you to use this when you need to boost your confidence level. It could be before a presentation you make or a phone call you have to attend. Whatever be the case, try this and you are sure to do better.

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