Building Up Your Self Esteem And Confidence

We constantly talk to ourselves. Especially when we face some tough situations we hear our inner voice telling us, “ don’t worry, just continue and you will succeed”, or “ You deserve it, go for it” or even may pull you back, “no way! You will never achieve it!”. This inner voice is our self esteem. Self esteem is the opinion we hold about ourselves. Self esteem is what we believe in.

This voice can be good and bad for you. Those who are confident and have a high self esteem, the inner voice will always support them. Those who have a low self esteem, the inner voice would constantly hold them back and discourage them.

It is very easy to spot a person who has a low self esteem. Some common characteristics of such people are – no risk taking ability, lack of confidence, nervous, insecure, needs external approvals, illogical beliefs and many more. The degree of these characteristics, though, varies in each individual.

What is the significance of self esteem? It greatly influences the manner in which we handle and react to a situation. A high self esteem is as vital an element as oxygen for life. It is the core to enable us to lead a healthy, satisfied and peaceful life. Low self esteem can trigger problems in every area – marriage, relationships, career and also cause stress and anxiety which will in the long run affect our health.

Self esteem develops and evolves right from the our childhood. Every experience we have has an impact on the self esteem. Our parents, teachers, friends also influence the self esteem. Also the goals we have set, achievements we accomplished, how we view our success/failures are some of the other factors that greatly influence the self esteem.

A positive self esteem is beneficial in many ways. It will increase your confidence, make you respect and love yourself. This in turn helps you respect others and thereby improves your relationships with them. You will have great confidence to try out things you have never attempted before. Most importantly you will always be happy and satisfied. Self esteem builds your confidence which will help you learn from your mistakes and continue progressing in life.

Self esteem and confidence are very closely related to each other. They help us lead a happy life. Hence self esteem development should be a high priority. Otherwise, there is a high probability that we might lose the belief in our capabilities. Below are some of the tips to help build your self-esteem.

Always speak positive to yourself – never be negative.

Never think about your mistakes.

Know your strengths and try to leverage upon them.

Be yourself.

Be realistic in drafting goals for yourself.

Try things beyond your comfort zone.

Of course, you cannot build it in a matter of few days. This requires you to put effort over a period of time. Each small step you take towards building up self esteem will help you lead a happier and satisfied life.

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