Characteristics of People With Low Self Esteem

People with low self-confidence never ever live life to the fullest. They maintain a distance from others and hence deny themselves love and care from friends. Moreover, they never realize the full potential of their abilities. Worse, they always think that life has been unjust to them. These kind of people become a burden for themselves, their families and society. Some of them get so disillusioned that they become anti-social elements.

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Even success frightens people with low self esteem. They feel underserved to be successful and do know how to bask in the warmth of success. Also for anything that goes wrong they think themselves to be the culprit. They even proudly tell others that they knew beforehand that things would go berserk. This is a feature very common among low esteem people and needs immediate correction.

Another characteristic of people with low self-esteem is underestimating themselves. They constantly tell themselves that they are not good and will fail in all endeavors. Over a period of time, they start believing that they deserve nothing good. Their negativity might even spread to people around them. For people who face similar problems, they should be alert against them because such people get attracted towards them. And then the negativity multiplies even faster. This results in further deterioration of their mental states and worsening of their life.

People with low self esteem are absolutely frustrated with their life. They always crib about life. They can never see a positive aspect in any issue. Their negative thinking erodes their self confidence and self belief. On the other hand, people who are confident about their abilities have high self esteem.

Also, low esteem people always keep lamenting about the past and are anxious about the future. And in the mean time lose their present too. They nether enjoy the present nor work for the future. As a result, they are never happy with either their present, past or future. This becomes a vicious cycle and they are never able to break free from the negative thinking.

Relaxation is a concept they are unaware of. They always keep switching jobs and work profiles. This is because they feel very much uneasy at what they currently do. They create one crisis after another and blame it on destiny.

To get a sense of false relief some resort to unethical means like alcohol, sex and drugs. But this is even more harmful to them. This doesn’t give them mental peace and harmony.

People with low self esteem even have problems in the personal and family life. They are not at ease with intimacy and love and hence never allow anyone to be close to them. They don’t like to be close to them and never reveal their innermost thoughts. They keep some very bad experiences and feelings buried inside them, thereby giving rise to even more pain and despair. They keep on plunging deeper and deeper in to their negative world. The condition might go so bad that they can never be cured.

But this is not healthy for society. People with low self esteem need assistance. They should be put through a proper treatment. If needed they should be given guidance by a professional, if their near and dear ones aren’t able to do much for them.

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