Do You Know Who Tears Your Self Confidence?

The people with whom you communicate on a regular basis will greatly influence the level of confidence that you have.

We will definitely know people with whom you will feel happy because they are positive and jolly.

What do you feel when they are around you?

These people have an amazing capability. They have the ability to vitalize those who are tired. They can make other inspire do things which they thought could never be performed by them.

We would have come across people who are just the opposite.
They never had the chance to prove themselves, so they don’t allow others too. They always pull them back, they are envious and are hardcore pessimists. They are like crabs in a bucket – who want to climb by pulling others and in the process never progress.

Being with them is very much traumatic. They take your energy levels to an all time low and you don’t feel like working at a level you used to work prior to being with them.

The strange thing is these kind of people don’t do these intentionally. Many of them are completely unaware that they are so negative. Some feel that they are thinking practically but what reality is that they are pessimists.

So you have to think about one issue – how do you feel when you are in the company of people who are negative and critical about you?
You will tired and frustrated. Over a period of time you may even take to their body language and thinking. This is perhaps the worst!
So what steps should you take to ensure that the people you are with don’t discourage you, but support you for whatever you are endeavoring for?

1 – you are free to choose the people you want to be with. You would want a company of happy, jolly and dynamic people. Make sure the company doesn’t pull you down.

2 – if you have friends who are negative, but sometimes you cannot let go off them. So tell them clearly what you feel – this will earn their respect for you. Point out the instances where the become negative. Some may even change because you have made them realize their folly.

3- same applies to your family too. The elder members behave in a particular way because they are used to reacting in a specific manner. Respect them and their opinion, but do not let their opinion or reaction influence you.

4- you are person who paints your life. You could paint it bright or black. Its all in your hands.

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