Gaining Self Esteem: 7 Tips

Absolute secrets do not exist in our world. There are things that we do not know and once we know it no longer remains a secret. This leads me to inform you about one technique to gain self confidence. It is a process. You cannot gain it over a night or few days. There are exceptions ofcourse, but you have to go through the process. The 7 tips presented here will help you gain a lot of confidence.

Never pay attention to what others think. I know it is not easy. You obviously cannot change what others think. Imagine that at a public gathering where you have to speak, you are with a very low level of confidence. You come home frustrated and depressed thinking what others might have thought about you. While, Joe, your pal also was thinking the same when he came home. So did Alice and Max. The point I want to stress here is – people don’t think much about others as they think about themselves. Hence don’t care what others opine or think about you. You cannot please all, it is not your duty to do so. If you fail, its not a big deal. It is ok if you are different. Do things about you feel are right.

Tip #2
Don’t be disgruntled when you are judged. This can be difficult but it works for your advantage. If you want to boost your self confidence, you must do things as you want to do and let people like or dislike you and your actions. Everybody including you is used to judging people. If someone tells you about something you cant change just laugh it off since you cannot certainly change your genes. Everything a person says to can be countered in someway or the other.

Tip #3
Be very firm about what you believe in. the above two tips are about having firm beliefs. This is the foundation for confidence. There are many ways you can build and boost your confidence. Firstly, get your belief system intact so that you are left with no doubts whatsoever. Negative thoughts are great destroyers of beliefs, hence stop talking negative to yourself.

Tip #4
Write your goals on paper. People who don’t do this, get easily distracted away from their goals. People who have great self confidence always succeed in pursuing and fulfilling their goals. This may sound harsh, but it is a fact that people who quit never succeed at anything. On the other hand, winners develop a habit to win. Hence it is good to be a winner.

Tip #5
Always be a winner. You may lose sometimes, but soon you will win. Even if someone looks down on you, you are a winner. This is because everybody has some areas which he/she is good at. Many people have low self confidence because you have conditioned yourself to believe so. People around you may have told you negative things and you believed them. Believe that you are a winner. And if you embed this in your mind, you can attain any goal. Each success you have achieved is because of this. You just have to do it again.

Tip #6
Be very firm and determined. You must have a very strong will to pursue goals that you have chalked out for yourself. Be patient, you may not attain your goal immediately but sooner or later you will. It will take you some time to develop confidence. This is because you cannot stop those negative thoughts in a day. Yes, the time may differ – some will take a week, some a month and some may take few years to be so. But whatever time it takes, once you have attained high self confidence you will feel that every moment of your effort and wait was worth it.

Tip #7:
Patience. Learning how to gain self confidence is like fishing with a fishing rod, in a way. Let me explain. While you are fishing, you notice that some activity is happening. By the time you act the fish has broken lose. You get frustrated and end up throwing the fish in water. Your friend on the other hand, is having a great time because he is patient. He knows the rules of the game. The point I make here is that don’t give up try again, be patient and you are sure to succeed. It is when you are the closest to your goal that the urge to give up is at its peak.

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