Gauge Your Confidence Level

Self confidence is a great magic wand. If we have that we feel great and take on anything in this world. Impossible is not a word we use or even think. You dress good, walk confident and even people around you feel the magnificence about you. You seem the perfect person for even people to come and seek your advice and help. Looks like an ideal picture right? If only we felt like that always. As a newborn we were showered with love from all corners. For even dirty things we did like vomiting our parents and friends never said anything, rather enjoyed it.

The age of 2 is when life starts showing its true colors. You are scolded for being naughty, instructed constantly to not do tings. Punishments follow. As you grow you are sent to school where you see even worse things. You see the headmaster’s lashing out, you are sent out of class, labeled too extrovert or introvert. This continues till we are 15 and by this we time it affects our psychology to a large extent.

How significant is self confidence to shape up our personality? I would say it is a deciding factor. I will give you a practical situation. Say you are 18 years or so, male and five foot tall. It will be a huge will that will take this man to lead a normal life. Height is a factor that plays a much higher role in deciding the level of confidence we will have. Compared to a six footer, the five footer would have much less confidence.

Same is the case with people who are of different color, or are obese or are physically challenged. This list can go on endlessly. It could be your hair color, eye color, shape of eyes and many more which could negatively impact your confidence levels. We as human beings do have a lot of issues to resolve. Do you feel the jitters when you have to speak in public? It becomes very tough when you have to do a task which gives you the jitters. Public speaking is one thing that is perhaps fretted over by many except politicians. We all want to excel at that, but that is not practically possible.

Confidence is a must if we want to survive in the tough world today. We have to fight out for our rights at bars, shops, while traveling. We have to be confident when we don’t want anyone to dominate us. Even if they are family or spouse we have to say them no if we want not to get dominated.

The issue I want to highlight here is that many of us need confidence for our daily issues but are rarely able to garner it sufficiently. Sometimes it is better to seek help from an external agency.

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