High Self Esteem: 12 Tips

Almost everyone wants to develop self esteem. Some always manage to feel best all the time where as some people are all the time nervous. So what is the way to have a healthy self esteem?

1. The first thing you have to practice is to be happy with yourself and what you do. You should not seek approval from others, but yourself. As a child you were expected to get the approval of parents, but as an adult it is you who has to approve of your actions.

2. To approve your actions, you should know the purpose of your life. This implies that you should know yourself very well. This does not mean believing what others say about you. It is you who has to introspect about oneself and then decide what your purpose in life is. There will be scores of people telling you what to do. But in the end it is you who has to take the call. Once you know this purpose, go and pursue it till you achieve it. This success will really boost your self esteem a lot.

3. It is not wise to blame yourself, when things which you could in no way control go wrong. Genuine self approval occurs only when you accept the fact that there are some things which you can control in no way.

4. Never underestimate your talent and capabilities. A person with low self esteem will always feel that he does not posses qualities and talent required to do any task. But if you have a healthy self esteem you can progress very fast in life.

5. Do you feel that there is something more deep cause for your low self esteem? you could seek help form a counselor or psychologist to help you out. Its no harm seeking their help. Some of us, need help from such experts.

6. Know who you truly are. This implies evaluating your value system and knowing what you support. This is as per you and not what other people think about you. When you are completely confident about yourself, no one in this world will ever be able to bring you down.

7. Be responsible for the actions you take in life. This is how you will be genuinely happy. Once you accept that you are the creator of your destiny, you will be able to achieve your goals.

8. Jot down the things that worry you. Once you do this exercise, go through the list again. I am sure you will find that there are many things about which you worry more than what they deserve.

9. Once you learn from your failures, you can easily achieve success. This is because you would know what mistakes you did. So every failure is a treasure for you to unearth the reason why success alluded you. Hence go deep analyzing what you did wrong, if you want to be successful.

10. A very common mistake that people commit is to compete with others. Remember on thing: you never compete with others in life. It is you who you want to beat. You are only as good as your last performance. Your aim must be to better yourself everytime you do a task.

11. Be a risk taker. Low esteemed people will always be nervous while pursing their dreams. While those with high self esteem are high risk takers. And this risk taking ability pays them off well. When you take risks and succeed, you boost your self esteem.

12. Be positive, think positive. Positive thinking has proven to be an essential ingredient for many people. Success can be achieved only if you think and do positive.

It is much easier to have a healthy self esteem than you thought to be. The above steps should see you developing a healthy self esteem.

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