How Can We Look And Feel Better

Everybody in this world wants to look and feel better. And most of these people believe that looking good is something that they can’t manage to pay for. To simply put it, this is totally false. Some people look and feel very good because of the positive actions that they take every day and not because of chance or luck. But what most of us are unaware of is that there are very easy steps to look (and feel!) much better.

The first step to looking and feling good is to stop and look at your present state. This is because you won’t know in which direction to proceed if you are not aware of your starting point. You should immediately stop harmful behavior, like smoking or drinking. I am pretty sure that you were aware of that one. But what about your stress level? While everyone has a unique situation, many reveal some commonality between them– bad habits, stress, etc.

The biggest problem is the ‘night shift’. Research has revealed that people working in day time live longer as compared to the people who work in night shifts. One reason cited is that the people that work in the night shifts get less deep revitalize sleep compared to those work during the day. There are a lot of cases where people have gone into depression during the winter days due to the very less hours of daylight. Although sunlight can be sometimes damaging, but we all need some amount of sunshine every day. Serotonin which is produced by our brains has a positive influence on our moods and sunshine is the reason the brain produces serotonin.

The next step after checking your status quo and eradicating your harmful habits is to detoxify. The detoxification process involves you removing all damaging and unsafe toxins from your body that have accumulated over time. A number of products are available, which are intended to detoxify your body. The detoxification process helps you initiate your transition to a better looking and feeling individual.

The next step is to scrutinize the inputs to your body. Some changes in your lifestyle may be required. Your water intake should be more, and you should try to either reduce or totally eliminate coffee and sodas. More than 83% of the total body weight is water and thus your body requires clear water and not tea to purify itself. For most people, not less than eight glasses of water should be consumed on a daily basis. Fried foods and fast food should be totally avoided. The only way to develop on the foundation started by detoxifying is by eating baked foods, broiled foods, steamed meats or vegetables, nuts and fruits.

The other thing to keep in mind when you wan to look better, is not to starve your body during the day. Instead of following the conventional three large meals concept, rather you should eat six smaller meals. Or in some of the cases consuming one really huge meal when we return home from work and then start inspecting the refrigerator. Research has proven that consuming smaller meals like snacks all through the day, results to an increase in energy and concentration power of about 27%. The point to keep in mind is that your body already starves in the night, for a period of about fourteen hours between your dinner and breakfast the next morning. And this is precisely the reasons why breakfast is considered as the most significant mealtime. One was to ensure that your body will get what it needs quickly is by eating a nutritional supplement rite in the morning, like vitamins, etc.

Another important thing is exercise. Now I am not saying you should become a body-builder . A quick 30 minute walk every day should be adequate. You have to remember to get a minimum of 30 minutes of nonstop exercise (such as walking) every day. This will help you build on the base initiated by detoxification and right eating habits. For the best results it is advice that you don’t consider the time that you spent at work as movement. Although it might matter in terms of maintaining the shape of your body, a 35-40 minute exercise session every day is beneficial for your body– it mitigates stress and discharges endorphins that give you a happy feeling.

As soon as you start making these small and easy changes, you will seen and feel better almost immediately. You will find that you not only look better and feel great, but will experience better sleep, and will look to life more positively.

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