How to Feel More Confident

Many people never realize the harm we do to ourselves by not being confident and not believing in our capability. Lack of self confidence holds you back from progressing in your relationship, career and realizing the potential you have. It is all because the way you see yourself. You nurture negative thoughts from your childhood and this affects your personality as a whole. The bad experiences we pass through in our life especially can affect our psyche in a big way. But it is very much possible to reverse all this and create a confident personality.

Some simple ways to become positive minded are as follows:

1) Look upon yourself as an unfinished product. If there was nothing you had to learn, you would soon end up a waste. You can always fine someone who is more intelligent or smarter than you, who can by your inspiration. You have to firmly resolve that you will improve daily. Yes, you may not be perfect, but you are unique and you at least should feel proud about your personality.

2) Act as if everything is normal even if it is not. This is the faking technique, wherein you pretend that everything is fine. This will help your mind function efficiently. Though not a long term solution, it will get you on the fast track to build your confidence. Hence, the next time you are supposed to go for the company lunch, act as if you are the most confident there. Confidence comes from the way you feel about yourself.

3) List out all the positive qualities you possess. You will realize that you have more qualities than you thought. You have to investigate as to why you lack the confidence. This will help you root out the causes and build on a strong foundation to have a constructive attitude. Look at the good deeds that you have done. This will give you inspiration to have a good opinion about yourself.

You need to appreciate everything big as well as small that happens to you. Learning is a continuous process and it never stops.

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