Improving Self Esteem: 10 More Tips

Self esteem tips provided below are very handy indeed. You can use them anywhere. Self esteem is not just self confidence. It is how we evaluate ourselves. There are times when even with confidence are low on self esteem. So what more does self esteem constitute of other than self-confidence?

It is how we look upon ourselves, what we feel and attitude for others. A person with a healthy self esteem will acknowledge limitations in oneself, yet accept himself as a unique person who is capable of loving and caring and also deserving the same. A person with good self esteem lives life to the fullest. There are some tips for self esteem that you can employ.

1. Start the day right. When you wake up, tell yourself that you are a unique person and you deserve all good in life. Embrace yourself with you limitations and make the full of day by tapping on the talents you possess.

2. You are born to fulfill a purpose, to achieve an objective. The size of the goal or objective doesn’t matter. Try to find out your purpose in life.

3. Think good. Don’t let criticism affect you. Be with people who will always support you. They are the ones who will inspire you. Avoid being negative, since they will pull you down always.

4. Take care that the goal you want to achieve is realistic and execute your plans to achieve them. It is the best way to build self confidence and self esteem.

5. Praise yourself everyday. Note down anything good that you do each day. This will help you know what good qualities you have. This will be a great boost to your self esteem.

6. Never avoid or get off the track because of failures. Deal with what you fear. You will have them once in a while, it is not at all bad, but deal with it in an appropriate manner. Do not let those bad feelings dominate you. Shift focus to something good. Think of some happy incident and you can avoid being swept off by those negative emotions.

7. Tell yourself that you are a good person. If you want other people to think the same of you, you too must like them. Whatever vibes you send out to people, they will reciprocate the same to you. Hence do not hesitate to make the first move to know people. Accept them as they are. Encourage them and this will help you boost your self esteem.

8. You are the best person to know about yourself. Acknowledge your limitations and work upon them. There is always scope for improvement. It is this ability to honestly evaluate ourselves that will give you a fair idea about who you are. Hence do this honestly.

9. Learn a new thing every day. Be updated about the latest happenings. This will help you connect to the people you are with.

10. Be humorous. Make people around you smile. A smile is very contagious and you will make people like you if you are so.

True self esteem is born from within. You become confident by accepting all your limitations. Be aware that some aspects in you are inherent, you cannot do much about it. You are worthy person because you are a creation of God.

All talking done here will be of no use if you don’t realize these facts. Let bygones be bygones. No one can predict the future. What you have with you is the present, hence make the most of it. Start adopting these tips and you will soon enjoy life the most.

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