Low Self-Confidence: You Can Forget About It Today

There will be times when we will be low on our self-confidence. It could be because something has gone wrong in our career, or marriage or our health. It could be good because it might help us to reach deep within us and make us draw our strength to fulfill our goals. But if we regularly are in this low self confidence mode it could be harmful for us.

Low self-confidence can completely knock us out. It can make us feel worthless. But the truth is that a few steps can make you reverse this state and make you highly confident. There are many methods to fight low self-confidence. I will tell you about 3 steps, which are very easy and will help you build self confidence.

The first is to breathe correctly. It is important for self-confidence. A systematic breathing will give you a sense of balance. We breathe every second but we are not aware of it. Hence we do not know how to bolster our lungs.

One simple exercise on breathing is to stand straight and to hold your head bent back a little. Breath deep and fill your lungs with air. Count ten before you begin exhaling. While you exhale, make a low humming noise and do not tremble. This wil give you stimulus and energy before begin something important. It is recommended to do this exercise twice a day for a duration of 5 minutes. Soon you will notice that you are not out of breathe and will be much in control when you are emotionally tensed and charged up.

The next tip is about effective physical motion. People do fear being embarrassed because of the way they move. Embarrassment occur because some are clumsy. What more, these people only think about this in their mind always and hence invite further embarrassment.

This is very ease to correct. Resolve that you will overcome your weakness. This can be done if you are at ease with your movements. You tend to be awkward only when in public. Nothing is embarrassing when at home. Repeat the act and you can get over it easily. Hence a regular exercise regime is a must to change the outlook you have about yourself.

You can practice this once you are done with your breathing exercise. The motive is to give you a relaxed manner of walking or movement. One way is as follows. While you expand your head, throw your head and extend arms. Do not make sudden movements. Extend further everytime you do this exercise. Do this till your back becomes a perfect arch. Next step is to walk in a room and be focused on taking steps uniform in length with your body straight and erect.

The motive of this exercise is to make you aware of your jerky movements so that you can gradually give them up. These movements show that you are timid and nervous. As you practice, you will feel relaxed and will be able to move comfortably in a public place. Once you do this, you can boost your confidence to a high level.

Speaking good is a sign of confidence. Hence practice to speak. Speak with a passion and art and you are sure to captivate your audience. If you are good at speaking you can convince anyone because you can capture your audience’s imagination.

You will be absolutely clear in your thoughts and action plan, when you are sure that no one will laugh at you. You will enhance you ability to analyze situations. Once you do this, your ability to focus will improve and now you can improve your speech.

Open your mouth and shut it rapidly. Repeat this till your jaw tires. This is to get rid of heavy jaw condition. The heavy jaw makes it difficult for you to pronounce some words and give an impression that you are not at ease while speaking. Apart from this exercise, try to say long sentences with consonants you find difficult to pronounce. This will give you confidence to speak fearlessly in public.

Posture, breathing and speech are the areas which if you improve you can attain a high level of confidence. These tips will help you improve in all the above areas giving you an entirely new persona altogether.

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