Self-Confidence: Develop Positive Self-Image

Self confidence is an essential ingredient to be successful in life. You have to be realistic about yourself and your capabilities if you want to succeed in any endeavor. For this, self esteem of a high degree is essential. Do you have any idea as to how to get it?

The basis of self esteem is to have a positive impression about yourself. This is loving yourself and approving your view about self. But this does not mean that you become an egotist or a narcissist. A genuine self esteem clearly tell us who we are and what we can do. It is an earnest and honest estimate about what are our strengths and weaknesses. It is never influenced by what others tell you about yourself. Self esteem is your perception about yourself.

People with high self-confidnce are very clear about their personality. They know what their limitations are and are very clear about what they want to do. They do not imagine anything. They base everything on realistic view. Their self esteem is essentially high and positive, yet perfectly logical and realistic.

But it would be a mistake to think that people with self esteem are proud and feel good about themselves at all times. Self esteem is a balanced view about self. All human beings are prone to commit mistakes and so do people with high self esteem. They feature that distinguishes them from others is the time they take to recover from their mistakes. They realize their folly, apologize, learn and move on in life. They use these kind of occasions to learn and try not to repeat them. They do not let that mistake ruin or make a dent on their self esteem. They shed the experience there and then only taking in the lesson they learnt.

It would be unjust to judge a person as horrible because he is rude or aggressive to a person. People with high self esteem know this fact. These people always take responsibility for their actions on themselves and never blame anyone else. They will do all the corrective actions, learn from their mistakes and move on ahead in life. They never see themselves in bad light. They see mistakes as a chapter to learn lessons from. People who are low on self esteem blame themselves for mistakes and go to extent of thinking that they don’t deserve anything good.

People with low self esteem think that because they committed one mistake they don’t deserve good. They take themselves as a human being who is bad. They never accept the fact that its only a part of their persona that is wrong and can be corrected easily. People with high self esteem know about themselves. They accept that they are not perfect but never get depressed. They don’t judge themselves by a single trait of theirs. Hence they can be critical about themselves yet hold themselves in high esteem.

One very important way to avoid this kind of negative mental state is to not generalize mistakes. Accept the fact that every person is bound to have some limitations. Try to correct these, but do not let these limitations hamper your self esteem.

So see yourself as others (those who like you) see you. Seek their opinion. Tell them to be honest and tell you your good points. Then start believing in yourself. You can have a combination of being critical as well as thinking good of yourself. Being critical will honestly tell your weaknesses, while thinking good will give you the confidence. Realize that you are a unique, special person who deserves everything good in the Universe. Accept this as soon as possible.

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