Tips for Teens and Adults: Release Negativity And Increase Self Esteem

How do you feel about yourself? It can be measured in terms of Self Esteem. If you hate your looks or your actions or your surroundings or how you feel then you probably have low self esteem. While on the other hand having high self esteem doesn’t mean that you are arrogant or above everybody else. Treating yourself well, loving and respecting yourself, regardless of your defects is the true sense of high self esteem.

The life of a teen is very emotional, mainly because of their crazy hormonal activities, and also due to the fact that they are getting to see things in different perspectives. They get puzzled and overwhelmed about all the changes in their lives like new challenges, situations and relationships which leaves them afraid and irritated. This kind of feelings can totally change the happy and energetic child.

Mood swings are not confined to teens only, adults too experience them. If our emotions are not released through the right channels then they can clog up our minds or our bodies and get us angry stressed and anxious, and spoil forthcoming situations.

Expressing emotions and dealing with emotional problems is not taught to the children and that is where the problem lies. You firstly are not taught this in school and secondly most of the adults don’t have formal training in how to release emotions beneficially, so there is no coaching for the children. This creates problem in the relationships and can also affect the self esteem of the teen and parents alike.

Frustration, anxiety, anger and humiliation are just some of the emotions teens’ experience. But now there are simple, fast effective and easy ways to get rid of these emotions.

The first thing is too search for a place and time where you can be alone for a while and where you can focus and wont be disturbed or get distracted.

Next you make a mental note of all the things that bother you. Let your inner mind and heart tell you what they are. You don’t have to agree will all of the case, but keep your eyes closed and note the emotions that are generated.

Now take one emotion or issue at a time visualize it filling your entire body and then picture blowing all that emotion into a balloon. Essentially take the emotion out of your mind and body. One thing that you will observe is the changing color of the balloon while you blow your emotion into it. Because of the negative energy that you are blowing into it, it may change it color to brown or black. As soon as you are done filling the balloon, visualize yourself tying it and letting it float up into the sky. Continue in the same way, filling balloons, tying them and letting them go until you feel absolutely relaxed. Allow yourself to feel peaceful.

Now when you look up into the sky you will see all those negative balloons. What you need to do is visualize them coming together and forming a big, black cloud, and remember that you have pushed all your negative emotions into that cloud.

The next step is a little difficult but not impossible. You will have to forgive all of the people and circumstances involved in those negative emotions. Even the not so apparent ones have to be forgiven. Remember you are only hurting yourself by clinging on to your anger and resentment.

To move forward you will have to forgive yourself and let go of all the times you’ve been bad, made mistakes, been embarrassed and ashamed.

Once you do that and then look into the sky, visualize the bright and comforting and warm sun coming out and dissolving the entire cloud of negativity. Let go of all the negativity and feel the warmth, peace, comfort and love of the sun all over and within your body. Talk to yourself and say that your ok and that you love and accept yourself.

You will have to find something about yourself that your really value. Something like and act of kindness, a talent or skill, your strength, your love of animals, people, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your spirit. Stop for a moment that and really appreciate that essence of you. Believe form within, that you are good and value yourself and accept yourself for it.

For this technique use your imagination to the fullest, use different color balloons, visualize blowing them up past their limits so that they pop and splat everywhere.

With the help of this technique you can improve you self esteem, balance your emotions, let go off the bad and negative energy.

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