Handling Stress using Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are becoming very popular these days. All classes in the society, from celebrities, athletes to the common people are using subliminal messages. The subliminal messages cannot be processed by your conscious mind, but they are easily picked by your unconscious mind. This stimulates a part of brain and it understands and acts upon the information received in the subliminal message.

To handle stress, you can, on your own, create a subliminal message. The steps are as follows :

1. Understand the factors which cause stress to you. This will help you become aware of what you have to overcome. So find a time, when you are relaxed and peaceful and make a note of these factors. Write down what was the best thing that happened to you and the worst on that day. For the bad experiences, try to figure out what caused stress. Do remember to jot them down.

2. Do a little research and thinking about the primary stress factors. Figure out what alternatives you could have used to handle these. For instance, while you were taking you dog for a walk, it pulls you and then lashes out at the dogs that pass by. Check the nearby training classes or online resources which are available.

3. If you find help in step 2, try some of them. You can write positive statements like “During walks, I am the one who is in command.” Next time you go for a walk allow only a small lead to Fido.

4. Use the subliminal messaging software. These flash messages on your screen when you are busy in your job. Practice your affirmations and make them a habit. Use the software whenever you are on your computer and listen to the tapes when you lie down for sleep.

Points to remember:
1. Affirmations should always be in first person.
2. Use present tense.
3. They should be positive.

Numerous sources of help on subliminal messages are available. Try to learn how to handle stress management with subliminal messages and com up with your own creative messages to reap positive results. One of the best subliminal messaging software titles is Subliminal Flash- software tool that allows you to create and display subliminal messages.

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