How to write effective subliminal messages.

How to write effective subliminal messages.

While many subliminal programs, like Subliminal Flash, already come with a list of predefined messages, you still have a possibility to add your own messages.

A handful of factors affect the effectiveness of subliminal messages:

1. The subliminal message should always be in the 1st person (I or me).
2. Present tense should be used.
3. The message should normally be positive and a double negation should be avoided.

Write your message as if you were talking to yourself. The subconscious mind only works in the present. That means that the messages should always be expressed in the present tense. Ask yourself about anything you do desire or expect and be careful not to remember things that you do not actually want to remeber. For example, if you want to quit smoking, just writing "I do not want to smoke anymore" won't work. The image projected into your mind is based on the concept 'smoke' and you will be constantly reminded of this image.
Some example of subliminal messages:

Useful: Use the first person ("I am quite happy"), present tense ("I am happy"), positive words ("I am happy").
(Positive affirmation have a direct effect on the images that your mind will build up when you receive the message).

Unproductive: be careful building the message to avoid negative affirmations For example: "I am not sad" reminds you of negative feeling.
(Double negative affirmations create an unpleasant image in the mind when you receive the message).

Be happy: use positive expressions

With experience your subliminal messages will become better and better. Just test your messages with yourself under different situations.

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