Simple Technique to Use Subliminal Messages

They were banned by the US Government in 1974. So powerful was their power that they helped boost the sale of popcorn by a whooping 60%. Today, they are shown to people by means of “mind” shows like that of Derren Brown.

Yes, this is what I am referring to: subliminal messages.

Though the use of subliminal messages has been focused on advertisers who manipulate the consumers to buy more, they can be used to make long lasting and often dangerous impressions on our minds and lives.

In this article, my intention is to give you a technique by which you can use subliminal messages for your benefit immediately.

First of all, let me tell you some basic information about subliminal messages.

The classical definition of the term subliminal is below the threshold of consciousness. Hence subliminal messages are sent to the subconscious mind. It is that component of brain which controls some key aspects of our body like temperature and memory and also is the primary facilitator to our conscious mind.

Dr James Vicary, has conducted the famous experiment using subliminal messaging. He flashed the words “ I want popcorn” and “ Drink more coke” to a movie audience for not more than 100 milliseconds. Nobody noticed that message, but the popcorn sales went up by 57.9% and for coke this was 18.4%. But nobody was conscious about the messages that were flashed.

This technique was soon banned for use in advertisements by the US Government. But many people realized its power as a self help tool. The common people could now use the subconscious mind to improve any aspect.

Two methods exist to use the subliminal messages. One is visual and other is audio. The visual technique involves using the Subliminal Flash software tool. Audio is using the subliminal CDs available at almost all the bookstores

If your budget is conservative, you do not have to worry. There is a way which will cost you almost nothing and at the same time you can use subliminal messaging to be effective for you.

The first step is to prioritize your goals. It could be anything like you may want to quit smoking or increase your speed at learning. Be sure to write that goal in a simple and positive form like “ I am a quick learner” or “ I am ready to quit smoking”.

Write your goals with a black marker pen on a paper and place 3 of these kinds of cards next to your bed.

What follows in the hostile part!

The aim is to give inputs to your subconscious brain when it is most active, that is when you are asleep. We are going to wake it right in the middle of night.

Before you go to sleep, set your alarm for 3 am. When the alarm sound, wake up and pick the card and flashlight. It is most crucial for the room to be absolutely dark.

Now, switch your flashlight on and off a dozen times at a fast pace over the cards. Look at the cards and do not make any effort to understand the meaning. These messages are meant for the subconscious, hence should be done when you too are subconscious.

After you do this, switch off and go back to sleep. Don’t worry, the routine is not more than 2 minutes and you will be soon back to your sleeping state.

Congratulations! You have successfully transmitted the first set of subliminal messages to your subconscious mind. Next comes the thrilling part.

Many people who have used this method, have reported that a few nights after they began with this technique they have dreams in which they found solutions to their problems/ goals and many did influence their decisions. A week into this practice many moved towards achieving their goal. They quit smoking and their learning skill also improved. They could notice a change happening from within themselves.

Subliminal messaging is a simple and immensely powerful technique which has been grossly underutilized.

More strange is the fact that, people who read this article, never believe this technique and never try this thinking that this doesn’t work.

But remember, even the Government of USA is aware of the potential subliminal messaging has.

Its time that you too begin using it for your own benefit.

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