Some Subliminal Persuasion Technique Explained

What is actually subliminal persuasion? Subliminal persuasion is a way of influencing people using more than plain words. It implies using the power of all that lies beneath or behind a normal message. It is about influencing people at a lower level of conscious cognition. People often don't even realize they are being manipulated during a conversation: smiles are a common example of this. Have you ever thought this is a subliminal technique?

Subliminal Persuasion Using Words

Words have power, and when it comes down to influence other people, they have even more power. But, where is the power?Their are two main categories.

In the first category are any words, expressions or phrases that a normal person commonly uses. Say for example, "pay more attention" and you might notice that most people often says, "okay," and "I can see that." The most simple way of using this kind knowledge is to start using those expressions and phrases. Start your sentences with, "You see how..." and "You know how..." Using these words makes people feel as if you know them and the can trust you. That implies that persuasion is more than possible.

The second category includes anything people specifically said they want. Did they say what they wanted? Did they specify the type of stereo system they wanted in their car? Did she actually want shoes under a specific threshold? Try to "get" exactly what it is the intention of a message, and the kind of language they use to describe this intention. Sometimes it is hidden behind the words. This is relevant for the following section of the subliminal persuasion technique.

Assuming you know what a client needs, simply restate what he said he wanted, and then procede to show him how you can help him reach that. Consistency is a common human need, and we don't normally act against what we express. That is why the technique works so fine.

For example, suppose you sell vacations. You listen to what the client wants, and after that you find something special that fits all her needs. After reaching this point you would say something more or less like, "If I remember it right, you said you wanted a beach, 5-stars hotel, and not over $5,000 for the wholeweek. You are lucky. Some packages I just looked at fit all your criteria. Would you now like to book the Barbados package?"

It is quite difficult for some people to tell you they're not interested anymore when you found exactly what they said they wanted, and you remind them of their exact words. Most people won't notice that you are using their words. They'll simply feel uneasy contradicting what they said. It is much easier to agree. That's why repeating a person's own words is a powerful subliminal persuasion technique.

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