Subliminal Advertising Works

Most of us know about subliminal messaging programs that are being widly used for self-improvement, such as Subliminal Flash or Subliminal Images. Such programs help you improve your health, stop smoking, get rich and attract the opposite sex.

But today our topic is not related to personal development. Let's talk about subliminal advertising.

Subliminal advertising involves the use of messages sent to the subconscious in order to convince people about a particular product or service from the inner depths of their minds. The subconscious mind of a person is responsible for controlling every action and thought instigated by certain conditions. These thoughts and actions include memory extraction and storage as well as breathing and body temperature maintenance among others. The subconscious mind even controls most of the core traits possessed by your conscious mind.

These aspects all make subliminal advertising a force to reckon with when it comes to convincing people about a certain product or service. The US government banned this form of advertising right after Dr James Vicary released an experiment that involved 100 millisecond-flashes of the messages “Drink more coke” and “I want popcorn” that appeared in front of a movie audience back in the 1970s. The people who were part of the experiment did not technically see the messages that appeared on the screen, but popcorn and Coke sales increased by more than 50% and 15%, respectively, after the collective subconscious minds of the crowd had been exposed to the pioneer subliminal advertisements.

The US government lifted the ban right after groups of people and reputable institutions argued that subliminal messaging could work wonders in the positive development of certain characteristics that can make people more productive. These groups even considered subliminal messaging as a medium that can play a vital role in treating mental disorders and severe depression. But as of today, subliminal advertising is still facing both ethical and technical legalities since this form of subliminal messaging can instigate advertisers all over the world to control masses of people in purchasing their products and services without the conscious consent of the people themselves. But some argue that subliminal advertising is not scientifically proven to produce successful results despite the popular experiment of Dr James Vicary back in the 1970s.

This popular disbelief of the positive results that can be gained from subliminal advertising can be attributed to the fact that most people have not heard of the results of the 1970 Dr James Vicary experiment. This is because the experiment is still hidden under a cloak of legendary fiction up to this day. This may be accounted for the US government's code of secrecy when it comes to experiments done in order to gain quantifiable results when it comes to functionally controlling the collective minds of people through both conscious and subconscious levels of the human psyche.

It is scientifically proven that subliminal messaging or advertising can produce quantifiable results. This claim can solely be based on the factual results from experiments conducted by Freud and Jun that had brought about the advent of psychotherapy and further studies directed towards the power of the subconscious mind in direct relation to conscious actions and thoughts. The only way to possibly control the ethical and technical legalities involved in releasing the fullest potential of subliminal advertising or messaging is to implement efficient regulation systems geared towards the functional control of the power behind subliminal advertising.

But subliminal advertising or messaging does not necessarily involve unseen messages and the like. It can be done through various ways and means. Here is a list of the most popular terms coined for the subliminal advertising or messaging methods that are presently being carried out or implemented which do not involve unseen messages:

• Doctor-Patient Drug Kick-backs
• Point of Sale Mind Control Scripts
• Private Conversation Rental
• In-Store Sensory Manipulation
• Neuromarketing
• Real-time Bugging of Personal Data
• Chatbots and Stealth Voicemail
• Sidewalk Stalkers
• Government Propaganda
• Planted News Stories

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