Subliminal Messages and Affirmations: Are they Effective?

The primary focus of this article will be if subliminal messages are really fruitful. It shall also address if advertisements do convey any hidden subliminal messages. Lets also see if it can work for you and if you can make some of these messages yourself.
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Subliminal messages are omnipresent. You can find them in ads, TV, music and even in articles (including this one!). Indeed, you can find subliminal messages in anything that you perform. You might be surprised to know that when you wish to speak to someone, you are unconsciously transmitting subliminal messages.

How is this possible? You may not be a professional hypnotist. Nevertheless, there are chances that you may reap the same results like a well trained hypnotist.

I say this because subliminal message deals with connecting with the subconscious mind of an individual. It need not be done intentionally, but these messages do have an effect when done in a particular fashion.

Want to know that “fashion” in which they are done? Many ad-makers use these in their creations to manipulate and influence the customers. These are simple phrases like “buy now” or “Order Today”. There are methods in which subliminal messages are hidden in a sentence.

The “subconscious” mind as the name itself says – is that part which receives thought transmitted below the threshold of conscious thinking. It does not use logic and reasoning to judge messages. It takes everything at its face value and stores so as to be reproduced at some point in the future.

The subconscious mind never sleeps. It is always active and receives all inputs you give. It is active even when you are sleeping.
Subliminal suggestion is a concept in which you make a message, suggestion or direction which bypasses your conscious mind and is received by your subconscious mind.

Are subliminal messages effective?
If carefully designed it is pretty effective. If the person is composing the message after having thought thoroughly on the intent, chances are that the message will be very effective.

There is a simple principle behind this. When you advise or suggest someone, usually it may not be followed. But when you use similar messages continuously on someone, chances are very high that their subconscious mind will store and start influencing the person to act.
This is the reason why many advertisers believe that 7 exposures are necessary for a consumer to understand the message that they convey. The advertisement has to be attractive enough to make the person’s mind remember it and act on it.

In conclusion, three factors determine the degree of effect of subliminal messages. These are the skill of the designer, the motive and the acceptance level of the person or the intended audience.

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