Subliminal Messages: areas they are used in

Do you know what subliminal messages are? Technically, they are defined as messages displayed for such a short time that your conscious mind doesn’t even notice them. They get ingrained in your subconscious mind. Since your conscious mind doesn’t even know its existence it can use no logic or reasoning to accept or reject the idea. Yes, this is very much possible and these messages are transmitted just below the threshold of our conscious mind.

You will surely have a doubt that is it possible to influence the behavior of individuals or a group without their knowledge? Two areas which would not mind spending huge amounts of money in doing this would be the commercial and ad world.

Some instances of these messages are:

• Ads which have subliminal messages ingrained in them
• embedding lewd images in print and video ads.
• Rock music which has such messages hidden
• Audio tapes with messages recorded at such frequency.

The motive behind such means is:

• Force people to buy what they don’t wish to
• Instigate suicidal tendencies in people
• Help smokers quit.

Ethical or Not?
A lot of debate has taken place and is still continuing over subliminal messages, since it takes place without the subjects being aware of it. These techniques have been in use since a long time. For years, these methods have been used to influence consumers to buy products. The morality of this technique is questioned in the following areas:

• Ads
• Rock music and fundmentalists

It has been established that this practice is unethical. Many allegations have been hurled upon big honchos who have used these techniques to pocket more profits every year.

Even fundamentalists have used this technique to popularize their culture, weird customs through rock music among the masses.

Use For Self Development.
The best use of subliminal messages is for self advancement. This industry is valued at $50 million today and is growing at a phenomenal rate. Lot of people spread all over the globe use self help tapes, CDs and mp3s. This show that subliminal messages are effective. Some areas where they have been used are:

• reducing obesity
• breast enlargement
• self confidence
• enhancing sex drive
• increase bowling performance.

and many other. These techniques help you to realize many of the talents that are hidden and may even transform you life in the way you have always wished. Moreover, these tools are very handy , you can carry them anywhere and use them while you drive, work or are with your family.

Pictorial forms of subliminal messages are also available. This way you will be completely aware of what is displayed and can even decide the fashion is which the messages are flashed.

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