Subliminal Messages: You Become What You Want To Be

Why is it that some people find success easily and others do not? Why is it not that each one us has the same stress handling capability? Have you ever thought about all these things?

I have always often pondered over these issues whenever I am down in my life. I have seen people who are happy no matter what condition they are in. I am not referring to the rich and elite people. They need not always be happy. But for some people it seems that everything happening in their life is amazing.

Our mind plays a huge role in shaping up our life. Our mind is subjected to a lot of thoughts each second. These may be positive and may be even negative. You must have heard this,” It’s all in the mind”. I never believed in it until recently when I started having faith in this fact.

I used to be a lot depressed earlier. No matter how much I control to evade my negative thoughts, I cannot stop them. Instead, the more I focus on them, the more they flood my mind. This was a fight I waged a long time, until one day when I found a solution to end this struggle.

It is said you become what you consume. Same is the case with your thoughts. You don a personality similar to what your thoughts are about. Thoughts though invisible and untangible can play a huge role in shaping up your personality. You finding success or failure largely depends upon your thought pattern. You sure must also have experienced that if you thing negative you become negative and your mood stays negative too. But having said that, should we ignore the gross reality that life presents in front of us.

So let me tell you about the solution I mentioned earlier. You must have heard about subliminal objects like subliminal music, subliminal audios, videos etc. many people don’t believe in it. I too was among them till very recently. But the fact is, each one of us is being subjected to subliminal thoughts each moment of our life and unknowingly it is affecting our lives.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Try this out. Before you go to work tomorrow, watch a sad movie and I am sure you will be in a bad mood compared to when you watch a good movie.

If you happen to have a friend with whom you are not comfortable, or who only talks negative, you are sure to be in an upset mood if you happen to meet him.

The news, media, people we meet etc are the sources which always bombard us with these negative subliminal messages. So wouldn’t it be better if we try to influence our subconscious mind with some positive subliminal messages!

Nothing happens by itself. What you sow, so you reap. If you do good deeds, good things will happen to you. And so is for positive thoughts. We have to influence our subconscious mind with positive thoughts so that it drives us to do good deeds and actions.

You become what you think. What I found is that you cant lie to yourself. You cannot convince yourself of things which your are not. You have to move in that direction if you want to become that. You have to initiate things yourself.

Everyone expects good things to happen to them without they taking any pains for them. But that is certainly never going to happen. What you give as input will come out as results. It is a simple rule. Give your best input and you will get the best results.

How to go about it? You have to consciously indulge your subconscious mind into thinking positive. This is possible with help from subliminal effect. I have become positive because I have used subliminal messages and music to become so. I have very few occasions when I am in a bad mood. Now I find that I can handle things with more ease than I found them to be earlier because I have remarkably improved my confidence.

Your thoughts shape up your personality. So you can decide where you want to drive your life into. Begin now with positive thoughts, use subliminal messages and gradually you will become positive and success will be at your heels.

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