Subliminal Tapes: Panacea or Placebo?

I am the best proof that any one can have with regards to subliminal tapes. I am a living testimony to the fact that subliminal tapes are indeed result bearing. Everything I have achieved till date – my good academic performance, memory retention, exercise – is because I have used the subliminal tapes.

Initially, like all I too was a non believer in these tapes. But now I have turned a leaf in my life. I have commonly noticed that when I tell people about what I have been throught, they say it is because that I believed in the subliminal tapes that so many changes have occurred in my life. They refuse to believe the effectiveness of the whole program.

I do not blame the critics for their claims. They are not baseless in their logic. Research has shown that 20% of people who were subjected to the subliminal tape experiments have displayed improvements in spite of the fact that there were absolutely no subliminal messages in the tapes played to them. A simple technique like changing the label of the tapes, has cause many of the listeners to show incorrect improvements

How to recognize the Placebo Effect

A customer will always want to know the technique to recognize whether a person displays the placebo or the subliminal reprogramming effect. This is very tough. But the more important issue is that, subliminal reprogramming essentially is intended to change one’s beliefs, particularly the subconscious ones, so is it necessary to differentiate one from the other? I think it is not necessary.

Invariably, the placebo effect is an important factor in subliminal programming. Whenever anyone is subjected to subliminal tapes, the results he/she enjoys is always due to the combined effect of the placebo and the subliminal reprogramming phenomena. If you believe in a thing, and take it up, the results can differ. Since change in the beliefs is the primary intention, it is not important to determine whether this change is due to the belief one has or the program itself does so.

Personally, I observe a faster improvement whenever I use a new title. This could be attributed to the placebo effect. I mean, what is the loss when am able to accelerate my improvement. I believe in those tapes and this may be making the whole subliminal tape experiment more fruitful for me. It will convince my subconscious mind quickly and I have no issues with that!

But do not be misguided by the initial results. They are not a good measure of the placebo effect. Subliminal programs do take a long time, about 30 days, before you enjoy any changes. But there are titles which can instigate changes in a very short period, as less as a day. For example the title,”Stop Procrastination”, from Midwest Research of Michigan does inspire people , who earlier were staunch non believers, to change. I invariably, come across a positive feedback from people who have used it.

Subliminal Tapes Fruits

It is very difficult to draw a line to demarcate the placebo and the reprogramming effect. They are very closely associated with each together and placebo effect does give actual results. But there are three effects which are observed primarily because of the subliminal reprogramming. First, the listener reaps results which are way above his/her own expectancy and hopes. Second, others notice changes in the subject which he himself unaware of. Third, things change in the subject’s life.

I have experienced all the three effects I mentioned above. This was when I used the title, “Self Confidence”. Soon after I started using it, my friends saw some new changes in me, but I argued them. But later I too noticed these and realized that my friends were correct. I was far more confident than earlier. But I was aware of these changes. Hence, the normal pattern is that the listener does not notice the changes because he already believes what he is and so according to him he has not changed.

The Essence

The true issue now is: ARE subliminal tapes truly effective, and if so, do all give results of the same kind and degree? I would die to agree to this.

How to gauge if the tape is giving results? Yes what you experience can be very much different from what others, but essentially you will experience some changes. Tapes will surely benefit you. The litmus test for this is to notice if there have been changes in your life.

I am absolutely clear in my mind that subliminal tapes are effective and if used will produce results which will be beneficial. Also I recommend you visual subliminal messaging software- it is even more effective than audio subliminal tapes.

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