Subliminal Videos: Are they Real?

There exists no concrete proof till now to demonstrate that subliminal videos function. But what all the theorists have proposed is that these subliminal messages go around the conscious mind and connect to our subconscious.

It does sound bizarre. Lets see and try to gather more information on subliminal messages.

Our conscious brain relies completely on logic and reasoning. It is a very efficient filter which stores information which is helpful to us. Anytime we observe an object, millions of bits of information is process in our brains and filtering takes place instantly and constantly. For example, on observing the grass in the lawn the brain takes it as “lawn grass”. It doesn’t go deep into observing each blade if there is no need.

Thus at any point of time there is a lot of information that is dumped by our conscious brain.

On the other hand, subliminal messages take advantage of the concept that our brain has capacity to process a lot more information that it allows itself to.

Usually, when we watch videos, the messages flash for a short period of time, sometimes only till few milliseconds. This is too short a time for our conscious mind to take notice and process. But it is suffice enough for our subconscious mind to register and act upon.

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