12 Laws of Success

1. Personal motivation is a must for everyone. You can achieve all your dreams if you have this component in ample quantity. You may be having all the knowledge and skill, but if you have no passion you can achieve nothing.

2. But only aspiring for dreams to come true is not enough. It has to be followed by some action.

3. Pareto’s principle should be followed by all. If you examine your life, 80% of what you do is a waste, only 20% of your activities are actually beneficial to you. We end up wishing for more time because most of the time we have is wasted. So recognize those activities which are non value adding to you and eliminate them. You have 24 hours in a day and you have to make the most of it. Choose your routine carefully, so that everything you do adds value to you.

4. Without focus on your goals you may go astray. So put in planned efforts so that you achieve your success in the most economical way. The results you will reap will be as per the efforts you put in. So undertake activities that will contribute to your success rather than wasting efforts in futile activites.

5. Be confident. This way you can earn respect from others when you suggest something. If your body language is confident all you do and say will be noticed and seen by all.

6. Become an expert at your profession. Share the knowledge over the net, talk to people and reach out to the whole world about your experiences and knowledge. Your expertise and experience will make believe you and follow what you say.

7. But with responsibility comes power. Success may cause you to become proud and haughty. Humility is a trait shown only by the great. Be humble and open to learning every moment of your life.

8. Respect everyone. You are one who knows all. Every person you meet will know something that is new to you. If you want to earn respect, reciprocate it. If you are too haughty, you will end up isolated soon.

9. Be an active listener. Only talking without give a chance to others to express will earn you no empathy. Listen to what people say and understand their feelings. This is the best way to earn empathy. Get yourself tuned to people when talking tot hem.

10. No one is perfect. It is human to be wrong and noble to accept this fact. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying new things. Believing that you are right is a good attitude but that may not be the case always. Even the greats like Albert Einstein were once wrong.

11. Learn to sell your ideas well. If you cannot make others believe in your ideas, you will always be implementing ideas generated by other people.

12. Don’t just build up castles in the air. Try out selling or sharing your ideas with someone. This will help you know the lacunae in your concept. The feedback that you receive will help you identify the loopholes, and you can work to close them or minimize them.

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