Do You Have the Fire to Become a Millionaire?

I am a financial planner by profession and meet people from all walks of life. I meet people with modest incomes as well people whose income runs into millions. But have never felt out of place with either of them. In my profession it is a must for me to have relation that is cordial and based on trust.

Over a period of some I have noticed some trends in the various sectors of society that I happen to meet. People with modest income are invariable simple and do not have high financial ambitions. They would be happy and satisfied if they are able to provide ample food to their family.

On the other hand, people with substantial income or the ultra rich are always on the prowl seeking opportunities. It is very exciting to interact with them because they are so passionate about investment that they can go on talking about it for eternity. They are always busy in increasing their wealth, which is a great source for me to keep pushing myself. I work harder because I see the results enjoyed by those who work harder.

But the point that I want to put forward here in this article concerns the middle income sector. These people are midway. They are highly desirous of increasing their assets and worth but are in dilemma as to which route to follow.

Middle income earners are educated and have a fairly good idea about how to manage wealth and their investments. But they are too tied up with their jobs and professions to take out time for investing money. Moreover, most of them have huge debts to clear off and hence put in huge efforts to do so at the earliest. Also, their spending pattern is hugely instinctive.

Financial freedom in no longer a thing achievable only be a select few. There perhaps many you can found around you who have increased their wealth manifold to become millionaires. There is not hidden mantra for becoming a millionaire. All of us aware of such ways, but we deliberately ignore them. Human beings are lazy and it is only the highly disciplined ones only who will be able to reach their dreams.

There are millions of books written on how to achieve financial freedom. These books are not just lectures that give you futile knowledge. These books are very helpful, but all knowledge will be all futile unless you have this fire in the belly kind of attitude to be a millionaire.

You can seek all the modes of help –attend seminars, discuss in forums, read books but if you are not passionate you will be back to square one. You will never be able to appreciate your worth. It is not easy at all to realize the dream of earning millions and if you are not among those strong willed people, you are sure to give up half way down the lane.

A lot of knowledge should be gathered by you. Financial studies and business studies will help you a lot. For sure you are going to face some uphill tasks without which you will never earn the millions you have dreamt of. If you do not possess a heart to surpass those challenges, perhaps you will end up only dreaming about becoming a millioinaire. While you dream, there are others who are already on their way and will soon become millionaires.

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