Game of Success: Never Give Up

If you are among those who are marching on the path of success, I must warn you about a very dangerous enemy. If you still hadn’t had a brush with this enemy, you are still far far away from your goal. Remember, this enemy is not the one who will make you take the wrong path. Rather, if you face him this shows that you are marching down the right lane. But the tactics of the enemy are very subtle, yet fierce. It is due to this strategy of your rival that most of the people craving for success give up without reaching their goals. This is what your enemy aims at – to make you discourage, and then finally give up.

The main motive of your enemy is not to keep you out of success. The truth is it is not failure that we fear, it is success that we fear. We fear the path to success so much that we refuse to tread that path and simply don’t gather to courage in our entire lives to confront matter that we have always feared. So, it is not failure that hinders our success – people quit before they even face a failure, because the path to success is tough.

Be it success in any field you seek - business, sports, relationship, parenthood the rules are the same. You should be alert to 3 indications or signs. Once you recognize them early you can nip them in the bud and continue to pursue the goal and be successful.

Wrong information – This is a very ancient trick of your enemy and the biggest cause for people quitting mid way. Misinformation leads to confusion which leads to doubts and people give up, sometimes even before they start. This is what the enemy wants – to misinform you so that you give up due to the confusion and self doubt.

Confusion – This is very closely associated with the first cause. This is the factor that has spread every corner in the world and has been a great destructor. Confusion leads to self doubt, depression and drives one to taking extreme steps like suicide. Confusion manipulates facts and presents a wrong picture. This works very similar to point one mentioned above. Confusion leads to inaction. Without acting anywhere you remain where you are and hence your enemy wins again, by halting you in your tracks.

Lack of information – To do any action you need a lot of information and data to make the right decision. Lack of information will never help you arrive at a decision and act upon it. One of the best way not to provide you information is to bombard you with too much of it. The outcome is that you lose direction, get distracted, get discouraged and ultimately quit.

So how should you handle such situations? Be in control of the game. The pathway to success in the hardest part. Let me narrate you my own experience. At one point of time I was in over $1,000,000 debt. Now I lead a debt free life. This bridge from being laid with debt to being debt free was the passage that I crossed by doing things that would earn me money. I didn’t waste time in strategizing, planning and then restrategising – I made a promise to myself to devote 2 hours in a day to activities that would earn my money. So now I am living a life that I had dreamt, but now is a reality. Even today I am passing a different path. Writing is my profession and now my aim is to earn a 7 figure income compared to several thousands that I am earning now.

Each one of us has different passages/bridges to cross in one’s life. From collection agencies to advance payment of bills to becoming the banker yourself or thinking that you teenager will never mature. You must realize it happens that it you who has to grow and improve communicating to the people around you. These and more are some of the passages that one may have to cross, but unfortunately it is not failure that deters people, people quit even before they are even close to reaching their goals. Not many in this world have a heart to pursue the path of success till the very end.

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