Success Conscious vs. Failure Conscious

Are you among those who have a success conscious and/or a failure conscious?

Let me tell you about the differences between them. A guy with success conscious is ready to receive it anytime. They are positive minded, wish for riches and go about life enjoying the best of all things that come to them.

On the other hand, a guy with failure conscious never experiences anything good. They don’t believe in themselves and feel that they will fail at every task they undertake. They are like Mr. Joe Bloggs who never wins a lottery, Fred Ordinary – who is vexed with his work and Frank Plain – who don’t find satisfaction in helping others.

Let me narrate a story to you about two farmers. They both needed rain for their crops. One farmers went ahead and made all preparations should the rains comes, whereas the other farmer just waited for rain before dismissing even the though to prepare which he thought would be of no use.

Who in the end received the rain then?

If you brace yourself up for receiving things, the whole universe will plot a scheme under which you will receive everything you dreamt of. Just observe your daily life and you will notice that you always receive things you have wished for.

You wish for fresh, potable drinking water – hence you get it.
You want a vast supply of food – you always have it.
You want a means of transportation – you get it.
You want money and steady source of income – you have it in the form of a job.

There are many people on this earth who do not expect these basic amenities. These are basics for us because we have become accustomed to them and cannot do without them. But there are areas in this world where these facilities don’t exist at all.

First know what you want and then prepare yourself for the success. What makes you heart happy? What would make you sing and dance and be full of satisfaction. Know all this and then prepare yourself to receive them all.

Compare the person who has already go all these with yourself. Analyze the differences in your and their behaviour.

Is their sense of dressing better?
Are they more liberal with money?
Do they keep smiling all day long?
Is their attitude scot free?

You must transform your personality and start behaving like them. This is in preparation with your desires. The universe will provide you with all that you desire, provided you have the proper vibes. You must brace yourself up and qualify to receive that. Your frequency must match with what you want and then the universe will put all those you desire at your steps.

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