Success: Planning And Execution

Have you ever tried those “lose 40 lbs in 2 days” or “make $10,000 in a hour” "opportyunities"?

Today many people have become used to adopting shortcuts – ways that we will be rewarded immediately. Our western culture has become used to the concept of taking steps that will give instant results. Just yesterday I threw one of the socks in to the bin, just because they had a hole. I never even thought of getting them stitched.

All that we use on a daily basis has become a disposable item for us. Even cars are being replaced just because they have a minor problem. The value that each car loses every year is increased to such an extent that within 5 years, it will be of no commercial value. This was what I realized when I sold my 6 years old Opel Astra. Thought the Astra now costed 25% less than the original price, I stil remember my father oiling the engine regularly so as to prolong its life.

Most people are aware the replacing is always a costly option. But yet people continue replacing things just to enjoy instant results. We never want to address the core issue. This is perhaps because the lifestyle we have today is so, that paying someone else to fix up a problem is the easiest way for us to continue leading normal life or the life we are comfortable with always.

Vicious Circle?
1. The more the spare time we want to enjoy, the more we are ready to shell out money.
2. The more we have to spend time, the more we will have to work on it.

There are options you should exercise. Rather than giving importance to money and material things, put your life in order. I know imagining yourself relaxing on a sea beach is far more comfortable than any other thing.

My only advise for anyone who desires success is:
“if you want to achieve satisfactory results planning and execution of the same are a must. The results are important of course, but so is the journey too”.

In conclusion, the 2 ingredients that will help you to achieve success are:

1. Give the journey the due importance and make it an enjoyable one.
2. no matter how tempting they are, never go for shortcuts.

All the best!

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