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Initially we had developed this program by order of one of the well-known fast food companies. Its first release was able to work in background mode only. Now we have improved the software, so every user can change, add or remove images. According to our practice subliminal messages can be very effective for self-help, self-hypnosis, etc. You will have to create your own images, however, as the "coke can" and "hamburger" are for demonstration purposes only.

Subliminal Images shows graphic files in jpg, gif and bmp format for very short (30 milliseconds) time intervals. You can customize displaying frequency and location of pictures on your screen (center or random). You can add or delete images using very simple interface.

The Use of Affirmations with Pictures as Positive Brainwashing

Brainwashing is a term perceived in a negative way by most people. But you know what; I think our brains could actually do with a bit of a wash sometimes!

You see, everyone comes into this world with a clear mind, and a belief that everything is possible. All is positive and well. Remember as a child, you could do and become everything, without any boundaries! As we grow up however, we pick up beliefs, fears and limitations from our surroundings and peers that gradually form the person we are today. A lot of these beliefs unfortunately are negative and as we build our lives they limit us in our actions and being. Very often they therefore contribute to unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled in our lives and business.

It can be the smallest seemingly harmless- remark from a mother like “just let me handle that, you are no good at that” that can convince you that you are not good at a certain task. A teacher who calls a pupil “the clumsy one” can do more harm with this remark than he realizes when repeated often enough. With every remark the belief is harnessed further in the child that it indeed is clumsy. Even though a remark is said with a smile or with the intent to be funny, it still leaves a legacy in the belief system.

This programming of course doesn’t stop at adulthood; it keeps influencing people in all stages of life. We are being influenced by our parents, kids, partner, friends, colleagues, television, newspapers, and magazines and so on. Sometimes in a positive, but very often in a negative way. No wonder we limit ourselves in so many ways! Belief is the key to your success. If you belief you can do something, you can. If you belief you can’t do something, you will be right too.

The good news is: we can “reprogram” our mind and replace our negative, limiting beliefs for positive contributing ones. Positive brainwashing is what I like to call it! This can be done by the use of so called “affirmations” in context with beautiful pictures. An affirmation is a positive self talk statement, stated in the present tense that covers a goal you want to achieve and that ‘overrules’ negative beliefs towards that goal. Seeing the illustration of that affirmation simultaneously anchors it in our randomly accessible memory and will come to play easily and effortlessly.

An example is “All I do leads to my increase”. Or “I am an excellent negotiator, who gets results”. By stating this affirmation regularly during your day and looking at the pictures you have gathered for each subject, you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself easier. This positive self talk helps your mind to overcome beliefs that you have about yourself, that limit your success and actions.

Compare our mind with a computer: when you change the input, the output will change accordingly. So if you have the limiting belief that you are no good in public speaking (probably because of negative experiences in the past) you can actually reprogram your mind by stating the following affirmation: “ I am an excellent public speaker. I love to speak for huge audiences and people love to hear me talk”. By affirming this belief over and over, you actually start to believe it and your mind will find a way to make this statement a reality.

At some stage, you might decide to do a course in public speaking, or someone might ask you to speak at some kind of seminar, which forces you to work on your speaking skills. Somehow, these affirmations help you to reach the ‘goal’ you have set for yourself and open doors for you that would otherwise have been kept closed. And this works for virtually everything. Belief and it will happen.

Imagine standing for a big river, with a heavy stream. You have to cross it, but you don’t think you can actually do it. Your belief is keeping you from crossing, although you physically should be able to do it easily. It just looks too hard! Then someone else comes up from behind you, and without thinking starts crossing the river and gets to the other side. His belief was positive, and he knew he could do it. The interesting thing is that this will probably influence your belief: “if he can do it, I can do it too” and you will then cross the river without any problem at all.

Similar things happen when a group of people is introduced to the phenomenon of fire walking. At first a big group of people will say that there is no way they will walk on fire. Until…other people with higher beliefs go first, then all of a sudden everyone else rushes over to do it as well.

So think about YOUR beliefs, and try to discover which beliefs are actually holding you back from reaching your full potential in your life. Then, one by one, start eliminating these beliefs from your system. Formulate an affirmation that OVERCOMES your negative belief, and re-affirm it daily. Write them in your diary, on your bathroom mirror, next to your computer; anywhere you see it often and say the affirmation out loud as often as possible. You will be happily surprised by the results!

The most powerful way to manifest your goals is by envisioning them. By looking at a picture of your goal or dream daily with a strong desire, you will start attracting them in your life. A brilliant visualization tool that can help you to create and maintain your affirmations and visualizations in a very powerful way is a software program called “Subliminal Images”. Use this fantastic tool to create a set of pictures you select and your personally formulated affirmations, which will help you to achieve the goals you have set in your business.

Subliminal Affirmations With Pictures: a Great Combination

Usually, brainwashing is a term which most people believe is dangerous. But if you ask me, it would be nice to have our brains washed occasionally!

When we are born, we do not have any negative beliefs. We are born believing that anything is possible. Even as a child, we are full of belief and confidence that we can achieve anything. But as we become adults, we grasp and start believing in some concepts which shapes our personality. Unfortunately, a lot of things we believe in are not helpful to us. In fact, they act as a deterrent in building our confidence. And so many of us lead a life in which we are not satisfied and are unhappy.

Small things can cause great harm to us as a child. Remarks from your mother like, ”You can’t do that, let me do it” or from your teacher, ”You are clumsy”, do seem light hearted ones but can cause great damage to the individual’s personality. These remarks, even though not intended to get deeply embedded in the child hear and he/she starts believing that he is clumsy and/or incapable. Every remark or comment related to you, leaves its marks behind on your personality irrespective of the motive it is told to you.

Even as adults we are subjected to a lot of such negative influence. Our social consists of our friends, parents , colleagues, bosses etc. Magazines and media are another source we are constantly in touch with. All these have their own degree of influence on our hearts and most of it is negative influence. And we end up limiting ourselves and not trying out anything new. Hence if we want to succeed in anything, the first and foremost thing to do is start believing in ourselves.

But don’t worry, the programming of our mind is not permanent. It is possible for us to shun the negative influence and beliefs from our brain and build a strong and positive belief system. This is what I call is positive brainwashing. “Affirmations” with pictures are the primary tool to achieve this feat. Technically, an affirmation can be defined as a sentence which is framed in the present tense and which addresses the aim we want to achieve. Moreover, it overrules and nullifies any negative belief that we have garnered in our brains. Repeating it to ourselves, reinforces the positive influence on our brains and we will start BELIEVING in ourselves.

To illustrate,” Every activity I perform brings me good” or “ I have excellent negotiation skills” are some affirmations which can be used. Still more effective idea is to look at the relevant pictures while you narrate the affirmations to yourself. This will help you move faster towards your goal. This self conversation will nullify the negative beliefs and free you from any limits that you have made for yourself and soon you will be racing towards success.

There are a lot of similarities between the human brain and computer. The output from a computer is dependent on the input. Similarly, if you change the input to your brain you will be able to change the results too. For example you have a fear of speaking in public because of your history with public speaking. You can overcome this fear of yours by using an affirmation. Just repeat the following to yourself,” I am good at speaking to a number of people. I am so good that audience get enthralled when I speak to them”. Repeat this again and again and you will build confidence in your mind and soon you will be a good orator.

You can never predict, when you might be asked to take up a public speaking seminar. You will have no option but to hone your speaking skills then. Affirmations can be of immense use to you and they will open you the path that you previously thought you could never tread. And you could use them in any field. The only mantra is: believe in it and you will be able to do it.

Lets look at a situation. Suppose you are at a river and have to cross it to get to the other side. You have no confidence that you can cross it, although you are physically fit to do so. It looks impossible to you!. In the meanwhile, a person comes and without giving it a second thought starts crossing the river and reaches the other side in a few minutes. He was able to do it because he never doubted his ability and believed that he could cross it. The interesting part is that having seen the other person you get positively influenced and you cross the river smoothly.

Similar phenomena is observed when a group is asked to walk on fire. Initially they are afraid, but when they see another group doing so because they believe in their ability , the first group also does it.

So stake a stock of what you believe and identify the ones which limit you from trying out new things in life. Start gradually eliminating one belief at a time. Design an affirmation that neutralizes the negative emotions in your life. The best way to do is to repeat the affirmation as often as possible. Write the affirmation and place it in a place where you can easily look at it on a regular basis. Say it aloud whenever possible. Also use Subliminal Flash to display affirmations subliminally and you will be amazed by the results that you will get.

Visualizing what you want to achieve is the best and most beneficial method. Look at the picture which is similar to your dream with a passion and you will soon attract it to your life. Software program named “Subliminal Images” can help you in visualizing your dreams in exactly the same manner as you want. You can select the images you want to be flashed and when used with the affirmations that you have framed you will invariably find success in your chosen area soon.

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